I admire Sir Alex Ferguson but I'd love to knock him off his f******* perch, says Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher 'loves' the figure most Scousers despise.

The Liverpool centre half has admitted that he loves Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

'I've got more respect for Ferguson than anyone else in the game. He's like a Scouser, really,' Carragher said in an interview with the Daily Mirror.

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Jamie Carragher

Mersey paradise: Anfield hero Carragher (left) reckons United manager Ferguson has a lot in common with the people of Liverpool

'He's funny, doesn't mind telling people to f*** off, and he even votes Labour. I love him.'

The ex-England defender admits that there is one ambition more than any other which drives him on: 'To knock Sir Alex Ferguson off his f****** perch'.

To consign Manchester United to a title wilderness, just as Fergie did to Liverpool.

And if he achieves it he doesn't want to be wearing a red shirt with 23 on his back, but a suit and tie.

Because although Carragher is confident he will win the Premier League as a Liverpool player, his real desire is to win it as a manager. And set up a new Anfield dynasty.

'It would be more of an achievement as manager because it would come about through my decisions,' said the 30-year-old, talking in his restaurant Cafe Sports England ahead of the launch of his book:Carra My Autobiography.

'It's like the ultimate football man's dream to be better than Ferguson because he is the master.

'I just hope he hangs around long enough to wait for me.'

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