Holiday Briton plunges to her death as she tries to take picture of a grasshopper on cliff edge

Freak accident: Kathryn Williamson-Stockwell fell to her death as she tried to take a picture of a grasshopper

Freak accident: Kathryn Williamson-Stockwell, 54, fell off a peak in Bulgaria as she tried to snap a grasshopper

A British woman plunged to her death from a cliff as she tried to take a picture of a grasshopper during a holiday in Bulgaria.

Kathryn Williamson-Stockwell lost her footing and tripped over the edge of the peak as she lined up the photo.

Minutes earlier, her husband Trefor had warned her to be careful because the mountain - although beautiful - was renowned as a dangerous spot for walkers.

Mr Williamson-Stockwell, a writer and teacher from Anglesey, described the horrific moment he saw his wife, 54, disappear before his eyes.

'Kathryn and I had been up the cliff just days before the accident,' he said.

'She had been taking photographs of butterflies and the beautiful waterfall and wanted to go back up again. She saw a grasshopper and was trying to get a picture of it.

'I warned her to be careful but suddenly she shifted her position, lost her footing and fell. It was so high, she just disappeared into nothing. I was frantically calling her name.'

He added: 'I keep reliving that awful moment. It plays over and over in my mind. I don't know what I'm going to do now.'

Mr Williamson-Stockwell chocked back tears as he paid tribute to his 'loving and loyal wife', a mother of three who had a passion for photography.

She died on August 14 on the Bulgarian mountain near Dolno Dragliste. It is a popular beauty spot but known to be dangerous for people who stray off the footpaths.

Her shocked husband had desperately called friends in the nearby village after she fell who contacted the emergency services.

Rescue crews rushed to the scene but struggled to get down the ravine to Mrs Williamson-Stockwell and she was later pronounced dead at the spot where she fell.

The couple lived in North Wales and also rented an apartment in south west Bulgaria, where they had been planning to buy a holiday home.

Mrs Williamson-Stockwell was a carer for people with learning disabilities and had almost finished an English degree, which she may now be awarded posthumously.

Her husband said: 'Kathryn was so full of fun, I used to joke with her that she was blonde, blue-eyed and bubbly.

'Everybody loved her, she was so popular. I miss her so much.'

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