Anger at Tories' silver-plated No10 badges aimed at raising millions for Election fund

The General Election may be two years away but David Cameron is so confident he will defeat Gordon Brown, he is selling designer-made, silver-plated No10 lapel badges to supporters.

Tory chiefs say the idea behind Mr Cameron’s ‘No10 Fund’ is to raise millions of pounds from ordinary people to help to pay for his Election campaign.

But Labour accused the ‘arrogant’ Tory leader of taking advantage of a loophole that bans Government – but not the Opposition – from using Downing Street for party political propaganda.

David cameron

Confident: David Cameron has taken advantage of a loophole allowing the Opposition to use Downing Street for political propaganda in the 'No10 Fund'

Hundreds of thousands of supporters have received a party HQ mailshot encouraging them to join Mr Cameron’s No10 Fund.

In return for a minimum £5, they get a gift pack of goodies including a silver-plated No10 lapel badge in a tasteful black pouch, a membership certificate bearing the No10 image and a signed photo of the Shadow Cabinet.

The better-off are urged to give £1 a day until the Election.

Mr Cameron writes that he desperately needs the money because ‘Labour receives massive financial support from the trade unions, has an army of taxpayer-funded spin doctors and requires fewer votes because of the way the constituency boundaries are arranged’.

The certificate is signed by party chairwoman Caroline Spelman, who is being investigated over claims that she used her Parliamentary expenses to pay her nanny.

The Prime Minister is forbidden from using Downing Street to raise money or promote himself but this does not apply to anyone else, including Mr Cameron.

Labour MP Kevan Jones said: ‘This shows how arrogant Mr Cameron is.

'He seems to think he is already in power.

'He goes around lecturing other people on ethics in public life while using No10 to raise funds.’

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