Rumbled: Illegal immigrants who stowed away on lorry end up at US airbase

Two Afghan teenagers smuggled themselves into Britain on a lorry - only to have their plan foiled when they emerged inside a giant US airbase.

The 17-year-olds secretly stowed away under the lorry at Calais in France, unaware that it was heading to RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk.

The pair jumped out from their hiding place after security checks failed to discover them at the main gate on Tuesday.

illegal immigrant in lorry

Two Afghan teenagers smuggled themselves in a lorry at Calais, like this illegal immigrant, but ended up in a US airbase in Suffolk

They fled after being spotted and climbed a fence to escape, but were arrested 90 minutes later just outside the base.

A spokeswoman for RAF Lakenheath said the Afghans had 'no hostile intent' and did not know the lorry was going to the base.

The illegal immigrants have now been handed over to Social Services and the UK Border Agency.

Since their discovery, security measures have been stepped up on vehicles entering the base, which is home to 5,700 US personnel and dozens of F-15 fighter bombers.

A spokesman for Ministry of Defence police said the lorry driver had been unaware of the stowaways

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