British runaway schoolgirl, 16, marries Australian 'Ginger Jihadi' fanatic in Syria - as her new husband praises evil Tunisia beach gunman and tells MoS that ISIS is 'itching to attack' the UK

Amira Abase MARRIES Australian ISIS fanatic dubbed the 'Ginger Jihadi'

Amira Abase (left), 16 - who travelled to Syria with two other school friends from East London - has married Australian extremist Abdullah Elmir (right). The 18-year-old became a poster boy for Islamic State after he fled his home city of Sydney last year and turned up in Syria, appearing in sick propaganda videos (centre). He has bragged that IS would not stop their murderous campaign until their flag was flying over Buckingham Palace. Elmir sent a message to this newspaper confirming he had married the British schoolgirl, who was 15 when she fled, and boasted of his connections in Britain and his 'brothers are itching to do an attack'.

EXCLUSIVE: Pervert teacher Jeremy Forrest looks fit and refreshed near his bail hostel after less than three years in jail for abducting underage girl

Jeremy Forrest pictured looking fit and refreshed near his bail hostel

Former maths teacher Forrest, 33, was pictured, wearing dark glasses and a baseball cap (left), for the first time since his release from prison in Devon on Friday. Forrest was jailed for five-and-a-half years after running away with his 15-year-old pupil to France (pictured on ferry, right) in September 2012. Forrest seduced the schoolgirl after a trip to the US, when the started to flirt over Twitter.

How 3,000 trials have already been held in 'secret' under new fast-track money-saving scheme which ends centuries of open justice

For the first time, details of cases are not being read out in an open court, and there is no bench made up of magistrates, no lawyers, no defendant and no access for the press or public.

Electrocution horror as schoolboy, 15, dies after hitting overhead power cables when he climbed onto freight train

The teenager was pronounced dead at sidings in Wrenthorpe, near Wakefield in West Yorkshire while a woman, 18, and a 16-year-old boy were taken to hospital with injuries.

Why do you always get ill on holiday? Experts reveal ten reasons for feeling below par on your travels and how you can stop poor health from sabotaging this year's break

From day to day, you rarely develop a sniffle - but the moment you down tools for a much needed break, along comes a crushing migraine, chest infection or a heavy cold. Sound familiar?

Muslim preacher who 'despised Britain' was employed by Government watchdog inspecting COUNTER-TERROR police 

Abdullah al-Andalusi, pictured, taught ISIS was 'no different to Western Armies' yet he worked for Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary which regulates 44 forces in England, it is claimed.

Shocking moment Anni Dewani's family bump into the man they blame for her death: Husband Shrien returns to Africa and is seen dining in Kenyan restaurant despite claiming he was too afraid and ill to travel 

Anni Dewani's family bump into Shrien who they blame for her death

One of Anni's relatives spotted millionaire care home owner Shrien Dewani - who was cleared in December of involvement in his wife's murder in South Africa while they were on holiday - as he relaxed in a restaurant (left) in Nairobi last week. 'I can't believe he's had the nerve to return to Africa, where my daughter died, after consistently claiming that he was too afraid and ill to travel,' Anni's father, Vinod Hindocha, told The Mail on Sunday yesterday. Mr Dewani fought extradition to South Africa, claiming he suffered mental health problems. To the dismay of Anni's family, the trial was halted before the defence had even begun its case, meaning Mr Dewani never took the stand.

Tragedy as two-year-old girl dies after being run over by a car in Nottingham city centre

Police are investigating the death of a two-year-old girl, after she was hit by a car in Bolero Square, Nottingham, at around 8am Saturday morning. A red Nissan is believed to have been involved.

GPs leave 200,000 elderly patients on aspirin despite warnings they should stop prescribing it even though alternative medication is available

Doctors have left hundreds of thousands of elderly patients suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF) on medication that does little to reduce their risk of a stroke, despite better medication being available.

The dark side of the Danczuks: A Spanish family holiday suddenly abandoned. A text that read: 'I'm scared.' A claim of threats to kill ...Disturbing questions about the MP who crusades against abuse

Disturbing questions about Simon Danczuk who crusades against abuse

Today The Mail on Sunday can reveal disturbing new details of an incident in Alicante - and of contemporary statements about it drawn up for a secretive Labour Party inquiry. These alleged that although he was apparently provoked, Mr Danczuk not only abandoned but physically assaulted his partner Karen at the town's airport. The inquiry was held not to decide whether Mr Danczuk had attacked Karen but whether those who claimed he had, by so doing so had brought the party into disrepute. Anxious texts sent by Karen Danczuk to her mother as Simon drove her to Alicante airport are pictured (bottom right). Ms Danczuk was recently rumoured to have spent the night with her fitness trainer Ben Bate (top right) at the home she used to share with her husband.

Rescue pilot Wills takes to the air again: Prince starts news job with air ambulance team (and he'll have to take a packed lunch because there's no canteen) 

At 7am tomorrow the Duke of Cambridge reports for duty at Cambridge International Airport, to start his new job as a pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA).

PETER HITCHENS: They've destroyed Sunday - just when we needed it most 

Does anyone miss the British Sunday, when our cities were like vast, well-ordered cemeteries, the sky always seemed to be black with impending rain, and a deep quiet fell on the land?

Wife of Tory MP Ken Clarke dies aged 74 after battling cancer: David Cameron leads tributes to 'wonderful' Gillian who was her husband's 'rock' through his political career

Ken Clarke stood next to his wife on the steps of 11 Downing Street when he was Chancellor in 1995 but she has now passed away after more than 50 years of marriage after a battle with cancer.

Hospitals 'facing nationwide wave of A&E; closures': Documents reveal renewed threat to vital NHS casualty units in move to create 'super units'

Accident and emergency departments at hospitals across the country are at risk of closure, according to plans published in a raft of worrying new NHS documents.

Working for Karen Danczuk... the brother she accused of raping her hundreds of times as a child 

Karen Danczuk employed brother she accused of raping her as a child

Karen Danczuk was still employing her brother Michael Burke (pictured above at Danczuk's Delicatessen) in the cafe she co-owned with her husband when she complained to the police that he had raped her hundreds of times as a child, starting when she was six and he was just 11. Michael and his father, Martin, told The Mail on Sunday that when she made her allegations - which Michael vehemently denies - they and Karen's sister, Claire, were negotiating to buy Karen out of the cafe business. Karen had opened Danczuk's Delicatessen - owned by her and Simon Danczuk - in late 2013.

A mockery of justice: Top children's consultant is filmed snorting cocaine just before going on duty. But six months later, police interview our reporter under caution... over VOYEURISM

Dr Colin Ferrie filmed by Mail on Sunday snorting cocaine but police quiz reporter

West Yorkshire Police last week called the reporter in for questioning as a suspect and even asked if he made the secret film for his own sexual gratification. He was interviewed under caution at a police station on suspicion of voyeurism and supplying drugs. He denies the allegations.

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: A disturbing new threat to our freedom 

In the strange atmosphere which followed the Leveson Inquiry (Lord Leveson, pictured), police forces have in many cases begun treating all contacts with journalists as suspect and potentially corrupt.

£13,500: That's what you'd have to burn to buy Britain's most expensive barbecue which can heat up to a sizzling 750C - and even cleans itself!

The size and heft of a family saloon, the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill - which hails from Michigan - is as incongruous in an Oxford garden as a muscle car in the Cotswolds.

George Michael 'was addicted to crack cocaine before entering Swiss rehab' as relative reveals the family are 'petrified he will die'

Jackie Georgiou, wife of the singer's cousin Andros, told The Sun she is petrified the 52-year-old will die after alleging he takes a variety of drugs, which also include cocaine and marijuana.

Proof terror gang drove Tunisian gunman to massacre beach: CCTV footage shows killer arriving in van minutes before he shot 30 Brits - as it emerges his 'lover' is among those held and 62 others are still on run 

Video shows ISIS dropping off Tunisia gunman minutes before attack

The Mail on Sunday can reveal dramatic CCTV footage (pictured main) captured gunman Seifeddine Rezgui (top and bottom right) arriving in a white van - 300 yards from the scene of the horrific massacre (top right) in Sousse, Tunisia. A camera at a holiday rental apartment filmed Rezgui arriving as a passenger in the Peugeot Partner van at 11.12am on June 26. Security services now believe he was part of a large IS cell operating in Tunisia and are hunting 62 suspected militants who conspired with him to plan and carry out the attack. Seven men and a woman - believed to be Rezgui's lover - have been arrested and continue to be held in Tunis on suspicion of helping to orchestrate the brutal murders.

Second Tunisia terror attack foiled: Five ISIS extremists are shot dead in Islamic stronghold as thousands of British tourists are evacuated

Five Islamic extremists on the verge of carrying out another terrorist attack on holidaymakers in Tunisia were yesterday shot dead as thousands of tourists were flown home.

Mosque linked to children's suicide bombing DVD: Former chairman owned company that distributed chilling singalong film that glorified terror

A company owned by Firas al-Rawi, the former chairman of Leeds Grand Mosque, was listed as the distributor of the haunting DVD which encourages children to become suicide bombers.

Top ISIS leader in Afghanistan and Pakistan 'killed by US drone strike'

Hafiz Saeed Khan and more than 30 other insurgents were believed to have been killed on Friday in the Nangarhar province, Afghan officials said.

Risotto lotto: Fraudsters passing off cheap rice for premium arborio are turning Italian cooking into a gamble

The rocketing price of rice has tempted criminals to try a new scam which could ruin dinner parties everywhere by turning artisan Italian rice into a gruel-like gloop more befitting to a workhouse.

Groper Starr and the truth at last: When she blew the lid on her abuse by Freddie Starr, the comedian called her a liar. Now, after a devastating libel case, Karin Ward's story has been proven by a judge - but at what appalling cost?

Karin Ward's story has been emphatically proven by a judge but at what cost?

On Friday, the High Court of England and Wales ruled that Karin was not guilty of libelling Starr when she claimed that he had assaulted her behind the scenes of Jimmy Savile's Clunk Click show - shoving his hand up her skirt to grope her before callously dismissing her as 'a titless wonder'. Throughout the ordeal, she has been terrified, fearing that no one would take her word over the once-popular entertainer. But dismissing the claim, Mr Justice Nicol, who held the case without a jury, said: 'She [Karin] has proved that it was true that he groped her - an underage schoolgirl.' Starr, the judge accepted, had pushed his hand up the 15-year-old's skirt, between her legs, and then made the remark about the size of her breasts, which shattered the teen's already weak self-esteem. To this day it makes her cringe.

Revolutionary new drug set to be available on NHS cuts risk of fatal epileptic seizures

The once-a-day pill, to be available on the NHS, helps prevent the most dangerous seizures, which leave patients unconscious and can lead to serious injury or sudden death.

Top police doctor is accused of dozens of sex attacks on young officers during medical examinations and drunk suspects being held in cells 

Avon & Somerset Constabulary has been told that its in-house surgeon inappropriately ordered his victims to strip during routine physicals, fondled them and ogled their near-naked bodies.

'Bogus' breast cancer heat scans are putting lives at risk because they claim to be more effective than mammograms, says MP 

A Mail on Sunday investigation has found 'alternative' clinics have cherry-picked academic studies to support them, but Tory MP claims there is 'no credible evidence' the tests are accurate.

The Minionaires! Goggle-eyed gang outsell Frozen with market set to be worth £130 million by end of next year 

Last week alone, £1.1million worth of Minions toys were sold, compared to £750,000 for Frozen. And Argos predict Minions' £50 Tumbling Stuart will be one of the top toys this Christmas.

Retired fireman wins five-year fight to prove Government 'cheated' 34,000 police and firefighters out of £550million by miscalculating their retirement payments

How a lone fireman has won a £550million pensions bonanza

Retired firefighter Billy Milne, 59, (pictured main with his wife and inset in the mid-1970s) who served in Glasgow for 31 years, has fought for years to prove a government blunder cheated up to 34,000 emergency service workers of a £550million pension payout. The grandfather-of-three insisted that the government 'played every trick in the book to avoid paying'. The blunder was made when officials were years late in updating rules about how the value of his pension was calculated.

Stalker fear for Cheryl after obsessive fan steals her personal assistant's identity to get a work placement in the music industry 

Cheryl's stalker fear after obsessive fan steals personal assistant's identity

Aurelie Tuti (bottom right, and with the star top right) pretended to be Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's (left) employee to recommend herself for a role in the London office of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. She created a fake profile as the PA on the LinkedIn website which she used to gain the six-week placement before emailing hundreds of other people in the music industry looking for another job. Ms Tuti said she was thrown out of the backstage area at The X Factor final last year, having found her way in as she attempted to meet her idol. Fernandez-Versini has since 'beefed up' her security in the wake of the incidents.

New Reddit CEO tries to win over users in midst of scandal that saw popular employee fired and ex-boss Ellen Pao forced out during 'revolt' staged by unpaid moderators

Steve Huffman, who is returning to the content sharing site he founded in 2005, reassured the online community of his vision during an AMA forum, but insisted Pao was not a 'scapegoat.'

At last! THAT'S why Brian May has such a bee in his bonnet about foxhunting: Queen guitarist still wracked with guilt after taking deadly revenge on insects that scared him as a boy 

Brian May, 67, says the traumatic effect of a series of incidents in his youth - including killing flies - set him on the unlikely path from rock icon to Britain's most powerful animal-rights activist.

Man, 67, arrested after a female patient dies in arson attack on hospice

Emergency services were called to a fire at St Michael's Hospice in East Sussex yesterday morning. Police have arrested a 67-year-old man in connection with the fire, which they are treating as suspicious.

Get out there while you can! Britain hotter than LA and sizzling in 27C heatwave - but then get ready for a week of cloud and rain

Britain will be even hotter than Los Angeles today, with the mercury set to hit a sweltering 27C (80F) as much of the country basks in sizzling conditions.

Look, no hands! Unstoppable Williams wins the 'Serena Slam' after brushing aside 21-year-old Spaniard to clinch sixth Wimbledon title 

Serena Williams beats Garbine Muguruza to win her 6th Wimbledon title

Serena Williams took the Wimbledon championship in her stride this afternoon, defeating Garbine Muguruza in straight sets. The 33-year-old, now the oldest ever female champion, put on a jovial display as she made her way back to her locker room, balancing the Championship Plate on her head (left) as she left Centre Court. Her 21-year-old opponent on the other hand wiped tears from her face as she collected her runner up trophy (inset). It was the Spanish underdog's first Grand Slam final after crashing out of last year's tournament in the first round. Williams is now one step away from landing a calendar Grand Slam in the US Open later this year, already holding the title for the French and Australian Open.

Roger Federer's formula for final? Renting TWO houses to avoid being disturbed by his young family 

Roger Federer has gone to extraordinary lengths to get a good night's sleep before today's Wimbledon final - renting TWO houses to avoid being woken by his young family.

BLACK DOG: A Centre Court clash as BBC Chairman Lord Patten finds himself sitting next to Culture Secretary John Whittingdale

A chill crept into the summer air at Wimbledon when former BBC chairman Lord Patten took his seat in the Royal Box - and discovered he was near Culture Secretary John Whittingdale.

Phew! £2,000 for filthy band Andy Murray threw to Camilla who was sitting in the Royal Box on Centre Court 

The Duchess of Cornwall (centre) will auction off a worn Andy Murray wristband for charity

The souvenir was put up for sale this week by the Duchess on the internet auction site ebay to raise money for charity, but not before she had got Britain's number one tennis player to sign it.

Why don't Wimbledon TWIGS at least do some knitting? writes LIZ JONES

Mrs Murray and Mrs Federer are entirely interchangeable. Pantene hair. Huge, bug-eyed sunnies. Gritted, perfect teeth. Huge rocks on fingers, writes LIZ JONES.

What the lonely death of my alcoholic sister says about the fate of single women in Britain today: MoS columnist LIZ JONES'S sibling Clare wanted sexual liberation and a career but died alone with no money and no man after turning to drink

What death of LIZ JONES' sister says about single women in Britain today

Liz Jones's sister Clare (together with their mother, left, and circled right) died on Wednesday after she was found cold in her bed at her sheltered council house. She was the eldest of seven children and about to turn 74. Clare had fallen pregnant young and out of wedlock and despite settling down she refused to be ordinary. She wanted what other young women were having: excitement, sex, parties, cocktails. But it all started to unravel and on a visit to her house in Devon in 1990 Liz found empty vodka bottles between the sheets of the bed. Liz says that what happened to Clare (pictured in 1954, inset) is a modern-day morality tale about how close we are to disaster - her only fault was to have been born in the wrong time.

Bloomin' expensive! Queen Victoria's pants fetch a record-breaking £12k at auction

The 'big cotton pants' were dated to the late 1890s with a 45.5in waistline and embossed with 'VR'. They were in 'excellent' condition, having been preserved in tissue paper.

Flipping giant tyres, hauling 'dead' soldiers, and lugging huge logs - MoS writer attempts Bear Grylls' new boot camp-style extreme endurance race

The survival expert is moving into the live events arena, launching what is effectively a giant obstacle race for 8,000 people. MoS writer Victoria Fletcher took part in a special taster session.

JAMES FORSYTH: The Chequers Cabinet running Britain: Dave, George and... err that's it

Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne were to be found at Mr Cameron's country retreat, Chequers, with a number of their closest aides, writes JAMES FORSYTH.

I'll give straying Sally one last chance, says John Bercow: Speaker to take wife back after affair with his cousin - but friends say if she does it again 'the marriage is toast'

John Bercow to take wife Sally back after affair with his cousin

John Bercow has decided to give his marriage 'one last chance' after his wife Sally's astonishing affair with his cousin. Friends of the Commons Speaker have revealed for the first time how he dealt with the shock of discovering in May that Sally had had a relationship with lawyer Alan Bercow. The affair - revealed by The Mail on Sunday - progressed so far that Alan, 57, even moved into the Bercows' £1.2 million flat in Battersea, South London, while the Speaker was away campaigning in his Buckingham constituency.

The eurozone's contempt for democracy, the gamble it lost - and why Cameron must now seize this chance for UK 

'Mr Cameron is right to make the ending of the commitment to ever closer union the keystone of his mission to change the EU into something of which the UK can remain content to be a member,' Lawson writes

Writing in today's Mail on Sunday, former Chancellor NIGEL LAWSON says Prime Minister has a 'great opportunity' to exploit the turmoil in Athens to Britain's advantage.

Ex-Chancellor Nigel Lawson urges Cameron to kill eurozone as Greece teeters on the brink (AGAIN) 

Nigel Lawson has called on the Prime Minister to 'seize the opportunity' of the crisis and push for the dismantling of the eurozone as Greece and EU finance ministers hold crunch talk in Brussels.

It's the great Dad's Army home front makeover: The theatres, butchers and pubs of East Yorkshire have been transformed into the fictional town of Walmington-on Sea for new movie

East Yorkshire transformed into Dad's Army's Walmington-on Sea for movie

Buildings in Bridlington and Beverly in East Yorkshire were transported back in time for the new Dad's Army film. The seaside town's Old Town was turned into the fictional Walmington-on-Sea in the 1940s. The original TV show ran from 1968 to 1977.

'Andy, we lost that debate. You may have noticed we lost the election': Harman's stinging rebuke to leadership favourite Andy Burnham amid claims he is 'tacking left' to defeat Jeremy Corbyn

Sources say the attack from the acting Labour leader, pictured, was 'excruciating to watch' at a Shadow Cabinet meeting this week in which MPs discussed the benefit cap ahead of The Budget.

RACHEL JOHNSON: You need a lot of things to be a good politician. Kids isn't one of them

I've been trying to work out why I found 'parentgate' - the disagreement between female Labour leadership candidates, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, so depressing, writes RACHEL JOHNSON.

A dream move to the country? Living in the countryside cost me my marriage, robbed me of precious friendships and left my career in tatters

A dream move to the country? Living in the countryside cost me my marriage, robbed me of

Instead of the 'happily ever after' I'd envisaged for my family, living in the countryside cost me my marriage, robbed me of precious friendships and left my career in tatters. Today, at 53, I'm a single mother-of-three. Even though the views from my garden are utterly breathtaking, there are many times I desperately wish I could rewind the clock and go back to my previous life.



MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: A disturbing new threat to our freedom 

In the strange atmosphere which followed the Leveson Inquiry (Lord Leveson, pictured), police forces have in many cases begun treating all contacts with journalists as suspect and potentially corrupt.

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: Inside the secret world of Mr Bean... Star sells £3million pad following rift with wife 

Rowan Atkinson sells £3m pad following rift with wife by GIRL ABOUT TOWN

The 60-year-old actor is selling the former family home in Oxfordshire after the break-up of his 24-year marriage to wife Sunetra, 53, in February last year.

Commonwealth Games champion forced to her younger sister can afford to go for glory at next year's Olympics in Rio

With no major sponsors and no ongoing funding from lottery grants or sporting authorities, gold medal winners Louise and Kimberley Renicks say they are struggling to fund their careers.

First digital GP service allowing patients private appointments via video link 7 days a week goes live across the country 

The service, called Push Doctor, already has a network of more than 7,000 doctors and operates from 6am to 10pm, covering everything from minor ailments to sports injuries.

The freezing needles that turn prostate cancer into ice cubes: Treatment that destroys tumours being offered to men as alternative to surgery

Doctors hope the highly accurate technique may help spare more patients from risks associated with full surgical excision of the gland - such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Shock as special needs school forced to close: Parents told just two weeks before institute goes into administration

The parents of children at Penn School in Buckinghamshire got an email announcement this week that it is to close in less than a fortnight because it is about to run out of money.

Is it REALLY art? Fury over Tracey Emin's plans to demolish historic building and replace it with 'hideous' new show 

Conservationists and locals have reacted with fury after learning of Emin's intention to demolish the three-storey 1920s complex in Spitalfields, East London.

Violin superstar reveals how late-night penthouse duets with cellist lover have to stop by 10pm... to placate the man downstairs 

Nicola Benedetti reveals how duets with cellist lover have to stop by 10pm

In a candid interview with The Scottish Mail on Sunday, Nicola Benedetti has spoken of her undiminished passion for her lover and her music. At the couple's West London penthouse, the neighbours aren't always so keen on her practice sessions. 'Our flat is not entirely soundproof, so we do have to stop by 10pm,' she laughs.

Woodland at Royal castle in the Scottish Highlands renamed for Saudi millionaire after £370,000 gift (and he's never been there) 

Woodland at Royal castle in Scottish Highlands renamed for Saudi millionaire

Dr Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz (pictured with Prince Charles, left) is understood to have made the donation to the trust that runs the Castle of Mey, the only residence directly owned by the late Queen Mother. The 45-year-old businessman - whose family made its fortune in the Middle East through hotels, property and manufacturing - has been honoured with the Mahfouz Wood (right), to the east of the 15th Century castle. Six benches with plaques bearing the names of Dr Mahfouz, his father and four brothers will be placed around the castle's gardens, which the Queen Mother lovingly tended over the years.

BBC's rivals get key role in deciding its future: Media experts appointed to advise government over future of the licence fee 

The task force, set up by Culture Secretary John Whittingdale, includes an executive linked to Rupert Murdoch and a local newspaper boss who hit out at the BBC for 'parking its tanks' on his lawn.

Shocking moment slingshot ride's cable SNAPPED just seconds before thrillseekers were to be catapulted into the air

Footage shows the cable snapping and being whipped towards the ground - narrowly missing a teenage boy - at a theme park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Bailout on the brink: European finance ministers turn the screws on Greece for 'destroying trust' - as euro exit looms amid 'final' day of talks deadlock

Greece's euro exit looms amid 'final' day of talks deadlock

Germany's temporary Grexit suggestion is included in an internal paper, and has not been shared with those meeting in Brussels for the crisis talks today. According to reports, the German government's suggestions include Greece selling off some 50 billion euros in unspecified property assets to pay off its debts. However, this has been strongly denied by Athens. Meanwhile, as more protesters gathered in Athens (right), Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is desperately trying to reach a fresh bailout deal. In a last-ditch attempt at securing his country's fate, Tsipras proposed 13 billion euro (£9.3bn) of further austerity measures, including tax hikes and pension cuts. The task of convincing EU ministers to trust Greece with a three-year loan package worth nearly 53.5 billion euros (£38.4bn) as well as some form of debt relief has fallen to new finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos, left, who found himself closely watched by International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde at today's meeting.

Head's husband banned from her top girls' school after being accused of sexual harassment by two women 

Patricia Woodhouse of Malvern St James\n***INTERNET IMAGE TAKEN FROM***

Stephen Woodhouse has been barred from the premises of Malvern St James girls' school in Worcestershire, which is run by his wife Patricia (pictured).

Dancer who lost her leg in Smiler rollercoaster crash was sent an ALTON TOWERS photo frame as a present

Vicky Balch, 20, from Leyland in Lancashire, who is still recovering from surgery in hospital, took to Twitter to post pictures of gifts she had received, including an Alton Towers-branded photo frame.

I'll never give up Burger King baby to his gay fathers: Surrogate mother reveals her heartbreaking story that lifts the lid on Britain's chaotic and cruel baby trade 

Surrogate mother reveals story that lifts the lid on Britain's baby trade 

Jennifer Gibson agreed to become a surrogate for a gay couple after meeting them in Burger King. In return, they agreed to pay her £9,000 in compensation for carrying the child, which is not genetically hers. But Jennifer, not her real name, became concerned about the deal after she was contacted by the gay couple's first surrogate, who said she was left out of pocket and with medical complications.

The shocking moment a woman drove the wrong way down slip road and almost crashed into a lorry

A shocked lorry driver was forced to take evasive action to avoid ploughing into the woman's car as she drove towards oncoming traffic on the A5 in Staffordshire.

Supportive wife Zara Phillips puts on a loving display with Mike Tindall as she and sweet daughter Mia turn out for his quadrathlon event

ABERFELDY, SCOTLAND - JULY 11:  Zara Phillips and daughter Mia Tindall (L) support husband Ex England rugby star Mike Tindall (2ndR) and Scottish player Rory Lawson (R), grandson of legendary rugby commentator Bill McLaren, compete in the grueling Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon in Loch Tay Scotland on July 11, 2015 in Aberfeldy, Scotland.  (Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images for Artemis Quadrathlon)

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall put on a loved-up display as they shared a quick kiss at the Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon at Creag an Lochain hill in Perthshire on Saturday.

Harry the tusk warrior: War veteran Prince is back in the front line - fighting ivory poachers with helicopter team over Namibian national park 

Prince Harry back in the front line fighting ivory poachers over Namibia

Prince Harry (pictured in the Namibian bush, right) has placed himself at the front line of a war against the illegal trade in rhino horn. He rides with a helicopter team swooping over Northern Namibia's national park. The work to locate rhinos and carefully remove part of their horns to deter poachers. Harry is a member of the team working with wildlife vet Dr Peter Morkel (centre, bottom) in Namibia's national park. The team sleep in roof tents on the top of their vehicles, parked in a circle around the fire, to reduce the risk from scorpions, snakes, or being trampled by bigger beasts in the night (top centre). The Prince is determined to raise awareness of a crisis which is robbing Southern Africa of thousands of black rhino (left) each year.

Shocking moment Serbian Prime Minister is forced to flee memorial for 20th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre after being STONED by angry Bosnian Muslim mob 

Serbian prime minister Aleksandar Vucic, once an ultra-nationalist, was chased away by an angry mob as he arrived at the event, with dozens of protesters pelting him with stones and bottles.

One killed, four injured in car bomb blast outside Italian consulate in Cairo

One killed and four injured in a massive explosion in Cairo, Egypt has rocked the Italian consulate located in the city centre, wounding five people.

The £180m prodigal son: The final rehabilitation as Duke of Marlborough is named in his father's will after bitter court battle over his inheritance 

Duke of Marlborough is named in his father's will after court battle

Despite a past drug addiction, divorce, a jail term and a bitter court battle, the 12th Duke of Marlborough Jamie Blandford (pictured top right with his second wife) has been named as a major beneficiary of his father's £36m estate. Father (bottom right with his wife) and son went head-to-head in court in a bitter battle over the eldest son's inheritance of the magnificent Blenheim Palace (left). It is a conclusive sign of the reconciliation between the 11th Duke and his once wayward son, that would previously have seemed unthinkable. The Duke drew up his wife just eight months before he died in October last year.

Shocking moment man leaves baby next to railway line while he urinates on seat and steals teenager's bike 

This is the moment a man left a baby alone next to a railway line at Coryton Station in Cardiff, Wales, while he urinated on a seat and stole a £300 mountain bike that was chained to a lamppost.

Father-of-three who couldn't swim drowned with his gay lover while 'trying to rescue him after he got into difficulties in their swimming pool' 

The bodies of father-of-three, Martin Winfield, 59, and his partner Alan Green, in his 70s, were found in the swimming pool of their home in Wichenford, near Malvern, Worcestershire.

Craned ashore in wooden coffins for the loneliest of burials: Bodies of 12 migrants - including two pregnant women - arrive in Sicily after drowning in shipwreck while trying to cross the Mediterranean

Bodies of 12 migrants arrive in Sicily after drowning in shipwreck

Twelve more bodies have now arrived on the Italian shore, pictured, as migrants continue to make the dangerous trip from Libya to Europe despite the thousands estimated to have been killed doing it. These people were killed on Thursday when an overcrowded rubber dinghy was found half submerged. However, more than 500 people have been saved in rescue operations in the dangerous strip of water in the last week.

How one American entrepreneur spends his summers rescuing migrants from the Mediterranean sea (at a cost of $8MILLION)

Entrepreneur Christopher Catrambone, from Lake Charles, Louisiana, has invested a staggering $8million of his own money in his non-profit organization, Migrant Offshore Aid Station.

'We want to find out who shot down the plane': Families of MH17 victims demand justice as they attend emotional service ahead of first anniversary of the disaster

Relatives of those who lost their lives in the disaster used the remembrance service at Kuala Lumpur airport to express their continued frustrations over the handling of the tragedy.

Meet Tavi Gevinson: The world's most influential teenager on fashion, feminism and getting sound advice from her A-list friends

TAVI GEVINSON: world’s most influential teenager on fashion, feminism and getting sound

At the tender age of 11, when most preteens have yet to develop any sort of style savvy, Tavi Gevinson was already devoted to edgy high-fashion magazines including Lula, i-D and Dazed & Confused. Tavi (who, like Madonna, goes by a single moniker) has proven that her precociousness was no flash in the pan, as she has matured into a true multi-hyphenate phenomenon - journalist-editor-actress - packing more into her teens than even the most industrious often manage in a lifetime.

Festivalgoer in his 30s found dead in the toilets at T in the Park

The 36-year-old man's body is thought to have been discovered in toilets at the Strathallan Castle site in Auchterarder. Police say they are looking into what was described as a 'medical incident'.

Parents' fury as hit film tells little girls: Fatness is Sad - being thin is Joy

Although Inside Out has enthralled youngsters, the latest film from Toy Story maker Pixar stands accused of causing psychological damage by depicting Sadness as a fat child.

Has Amal Clooney outdazzled George? Hollywood's ultimate alpha actor seems happy to be eclipsed by his beautiful human rights lawyer wife - for now, at least...

Amal Clooney outdazzled George? Hollywood’s ultimate alpha actor seems happy to be

He's the epitome of the alpha male - yet even the charismatic Mr Clooney is in danger of being eclipsed by his captivating wife. For now, he seems content to let her dazzle - but Anna Moore wonders whether there can ever be room for two top dogs in one relationship

And after the wedding came the party! Glamorous Nicky Hilton sparkles her way back to the hotel with husband James Rothschild after star-studded Kensington Palace reception

Nicky Hilton showed off her new wedding ring and a sparkly outfit change as she returned home to her hotel alongside husband James Rothschild after a night of partying at their wedding reception.

When's it your turn, Paris? Awkward moment Hilton heiress has her arm gripped by wedding guest the day after watching younger sister Nicky walk down the aisle

EXCLUSIVE: Days after Paris Hilton, 34, publicly gushed over her 'soulmate' boyfriend Thomas Gross, it looks as though she's facing awkward questions, pictured, after her younger sister's wedding.

How to do it your selfie: With the help of acclaimed British photojournalist, your foolproof guide to producing the perfect snap - and how to get a FREE selfie stick

How to get a FREE selfie stick with The Mail on Sunday

David Cameron (top right), Wimbledon tennis stars (bottom right) and a string of Hollywood and television actors (left) are all getting in on the selfie act. Photojournalist Martin Parr gives his top tips on how to snap the perfect selfie. Known for his satirical images of modern life and for his photographs for Tatler magazine's The Season, Martin is an unashamed fan of the selfie stick. But his golden rule with the gadget is to stay safe and keep your feet firmly on the ground. You can get your selfie stick free with the Mail on Sunday.

From a teetotal party boy who washes his watches in champagne to the topless model who played strip poker with Leo: Meet the wild new stars of Life On Marbs

Meet the stars of Life On Marbs from a party boy to the topless model

It's the famous spot where the TOWIE crew migrate for their summer holidays, but meet the real movers and shakers of Marbs in a brand new reality show from ITVBE. From millionaire businessmen to former models and privileged club promoters, the stars of this extravagant new reality show live a lifestyle that is so lavish that it's beyond what most people could imagine.

Musician Beck sells his surprisingly ordinary looking single-story Santa Monica home for $2.9 million (but it is beautifully decorated)

The Tudor-style California home was sold on July 8 after being on the market for 33 days. American singer-songwriter Beck, 45, had previously bought the home with his wife, Marissa Ribisi in February.

Video game-obsessed loner, 18, stabbed fellow college student to death after he tried to befriend him because he felt sorry for him

Steven Davenport (pictured) was just 17-years-old when he killed fellow college student Ashley Woolley, 18, in broad daylight in Oaklands Park in Chelmsford, Essex.

We were banned from our own home - by the children we gave £600m: Tempted to give it all to the kids to save inheritance tax? Read this and think again... 

Tempted to give it all to the kids to save inheritance tax? Think again

Multi-millionaire Manny Davidson (pictured left centre with his wife Brigitta) hoped to save his children Gerald (top left) and Maxine (bottom left) from inheritance tax by putting his Gloucestershire home (pictured main and inset) in their name, and setting up a trust fund for them which is now worth £600million. But an extraordinary family feud, dating back to 1967, has seen him barred from the sprawling stately property. The tycoon is now urging parents to keep their money and 'spend it on what you want', rather than think of their children.

Moment woman frantically chases cyclist down the street in vain after he brazenly swiped her phone out of her hands in NYC

The woman was looking down at her Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as she strolled across a street in Manhattan, New York City, on Wednesday when a man on a bicycle zipped past and stole her phone.

Forgotten hero Fred, 95, is star of the Battle of Britain stamps - but no one told him: Former RAF armourer only found out he was pictured on 75th anniversary edition when contacted by MoS 

Fred Roberts is star of the Battle of Britain stamps but no one told him

Former RAF armourer Corporal Fred Roberts, appears on one of the Royal Mail's commemorative stamps rearming a Spitfire between sorties at the height of the fighting. The collection of six stamps have been issued to celebrate the heroes of the Battle of Britain on its 75th anniversary. When The Mail on Sunday contacted Mr Roberts at his home in Swansea last week, he was pleasantly surprised to be told that a picture of him was on a first-class stamp. 'I did not know that at all,' Mr Roberts said.

China's mega-farm... for 100,000 cows: World's biggest dairy being built to supply Russian demand after Moscow boycotted EU exports 

The enormous farm in Mudanjiang City will have 60,000 more cows than the current biggest farm, also in China, and is 50 times bigger than the biggest dairy farm in the UK, which has 2,000 cows.

Woman hurt in mystery beach explosion: Cops hunt for suspect 'who planted object in the sand' before victim was blown in the air 

The mysterious blast, which occurred at Salty Brine Beach on Rhode Island at around 11.15am, threw a 50-year-old woman several feet into the air off the sand and onto rocks, officials said.

Now I know Bamber did it: Crime writer's definitive verdict on the public schoolboy who slaughtered his entire family 30 years ago, tried to frame his dead sister - and has always protested his innocence

Crime writer's verdict on Jeremy Bamber and the White House Farm murders

It is nearly three decades since the notorious murders at White House Farm (pictured bottom right) - the killing of three generations of a single family in rural Essex that shocked Britain. At first, police thought Sheila Caffell, a mentally disturbed former model known as Bambi, had shot her parents and six-year-old twin sons before turning the gun on herself. Bamber (pictured recently, top right and with with his girlfriend Julie Mugford at his family's funeral, left), jailed for life, has been told he will never be released. Now with the 30th anniversary of the murders fast approaching, crime writer Carol Ann Lee has meticulously re-investigated the case with Bamber's full co-operation.

Pope praises the girl power of Paraguay: Francis hails 'women, wives and mothers' for rebuilding their nation from the ashes of 19th century war which nearly decimated male population

Pope Francis hails 'women, wives and mothers' of Paraguay

Thousands of Argentines (inset) crossed the border to the town of Caacupe to see their native pontiff (pictured kissing a young girl with Down's syndrome) as he neared the end of a three-country 'homecoming' tour of South America on Saturday. He was speaking at a mass at the country's most sacred religious site when he commended the women - most left widowed and orphaned during the War of the Triple Alliance from 1865 to 1870. 'I would like especially to mention you, the women, wives and mothers of Paraguay, who at great cost and sacrifice were able to lift up a country defeated, devastated and laid low by war,' he said.

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Man, 67, arrested after a female patient dies in arson attack on hospice

Emergency services were called to a fire at St Michael's Hospice in East Sussex yesterday morning. Police have arrested a 67-year-old man in connection with the fire, which they are treating as suspicious.

New York City's most expensive apartment overlooks Central Park, includes chauffeur-driven Jaguar, personal butler, private elevator and costs $500,000 a MONTH... but high-speed Wifi costs extra

New York City's most expensive apartment costs $500,000 a MONTH

The entire 39th floor of the five-star Pierre Hotel on 61st Street in Manhattan is on the market for $500,000 a month. The six-suite rental is double the price of the second-most expensive rental in city with about 5,000 square feet of space. The six-bedroom, six-and-a-half bathroom luxury rental includes the 1,980-square-foot Tata Presidential Suite. Guests must rent the space for at least a month and it features Murano glass chandeliers and Turkish marble bathrooms. Even though the apartment would cost $6million - $25,000 a night - to rent for a year, someone actually did it.

Rare black fox captured on camera as it plays in a nature enthusiast's back garden

Robert Burn noticed the striking animal playing with another fox from the kitchen window at his home in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and set up his camera to capture the moment.

Parents' fury after McDonald's Happy Meal 'Minions' toy appears to say 'what the f***' to their children 

Vicky Brennan, of Derbyshire, has banned her three children from playing with the toys after being convinced they were teaching them to say 'what the f***?'. McDonald's say the toys speak 'Minionese'.

The end of taxi drivers? Uber wants to buy all of Tesla's self-driving cars, rumours suggest

If California-based Uber embraced autonomous technology, it could out taxi drivers out of business altogether, many of whom already despise the app.

It's not wise to upset a Wookie, even a pink one! Costumed fans of Star Wars join geeks from across the galaxy at Comic-Con in San Diego

Star Wars fans join geeks from across the galaxy at Comic-Con in San Diego

Sci-fi characters were out in force in San Diego on Saturday for this year's Comic Con. More than 130,000 fans are expected to attend the convention during the next few days for autograph signings, TV and film presentations, toy shopping and most importantly to dress up in costumes. This year's costumes were as eclectic as usual - yet perhaps even more androgynous. 



Sheared bliss: The £5 million country pile complete with its own herd of alpacas - and limitless supply of quality wool 

The £5 million country pile complete with its own herd of alpacas

The animals are kept on the 28-acre estate t in the picturesque South Downs National Park in West Sussex and their wool is used for suits, sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves and blankets. The estate can be used to accommodate horses too, as Redens has equestrian facilities, including eight stables, a tack room, blanket room, feed store and staff accommodation.

Chelsea Pensioner, 72, 'sexually assaulted drunk 29-year-old woman after putting her to bed in his room' 

Patrick Noel Teegan played a role in last year's closing ceremony of the Chelsea Flower Show and was wearing the trademark scarlet uniform when he sexually assaulted the woman, prosecutors say

His dad died in jail, he sleeps in a shack and he is bullied at school: The poignant story of the homeless nine-year-old who does his homework by the light of a McDonald's restaurant

He has captured the hearts of the world but behind his cheeky smile, the boy who uses the light from a McDonald's restaurant in the Philippines to study his homework, is a tale of hardship and sadness.

The vigilante 'balsam bashers' helping to stamp out alien species of superweed that has taken over British riverbanks

Nature-lovers are fighting to get their waterways back from the grip of the aggressive Himalayan balsam, which is smothering all other plant life in its path, after council funding was cut.

The fur is really flying! Brave moggie's astounding 100ft leap from tree to escape big cat predator above the African savannah

Cat's 100ft leap from tree to escape big cat predator above African savannah

The desperate wild cat had already climbed to the top branches of a tree to escape the approaching caracal, or desert lynx, in the African savannah, but it was then forced to leap from the tree to save its life. The feline launched itself into empty space, and amazingly landed unscathed on the ground 100ft below, because racing off to complete its unlikely escape. The extraordinary pictures were captured by photographer Tiaan Steynberg in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, on the border of South Africa and Botswana.