Lotto ticket sales have fallen by £105m in one year


Vacant: Lottery ticket sales have plunged to the lowest level in a decade

Ticket sales for the main National Lottery draw fell by £ 105million last year to £2.75billion, the lowest in a decade.

But EuroMillions, which operates across nine countries, has seen UK sales rise 10 per cent to just under £500million.

The trend reflects the increasing lure of monster payouts.

EuroMillions’ biggest jackpot was £125million in 2006, dwarfing the biggest prize in the domestic lottery of £42million.

Now lottery company Camelot is planning to launch a monthly global super-draw with top prizes of up to £300million.

It has been in talks with 48 countries, including Australia and the U.S., and hopes to launch within four years.

Camelot was reluctant to discuss the decline in the National Lottery draw but said there had been fewer rollovers in the past year than in 2006-07.

A spokesman said: ‘Overall National Lottery ticket sales in the year to March rose by £54.6million - with new Scratchcard games, the Olympic-designated Dream Number game and the EuroMillions draw contributing to another year of growth.

‘This helped overall returns to Good Causes rise to more than £1,350million, bringing the total raised by National Lottery players to over £21billion.’

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