Keegan lands new job after advice from Shearer - and he's staying near Newcastle

Kevin Keegan has landed a new job after after taking advice from Alan Shearer.

The pair discussed their future plans while sharing a beer and Keegan has decided to stay local and take a post close to Newcastle.

Kev's trademark mop is also making a comeback but he will adopt a unfamiliar sweeper's role and he will love it if the role does make him as daft as a brush. 

Kevin Keegan

Mopping up at the back: Kevin Keegan is delighted with his new job

But before Newcastle fans cry 'traitor' at the ex-Toon boss less than a week after he quit St James' Park for a second time, they should realise this is not THE Kevin Keegan but A Kevin Keegan.

There was confusion when King Kev's namesake turned up for a job interview as a  sports centre cleaner, just days after the Newcastle boss left his job.

Sports club chairman Steve Crown was stunned to read the job application which  fell on his desk the same day Keegan resigned.

The Blue Flames Sporting Club in Benton, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, has already  played host to a number of Magpies stars, including legendary top goal-scorer Alan Shearer who used to train there.

Now the club, which is just next to Newcastle's training ground in Benton has its very own KK sweeping around the goalposts.


The OTHER Kevin Keegan

Keegan, 53, said: 'You've got no idea what it's like, when I say my name  is Kevin Keegan people laugh and say: "are you going back to St James' Park?"

'So I say well, yes, I spoke to Mike Ashley and told him I'll come back but  only if he gets rid of Dennis Wise.

'It happens all the time. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a man in the  job centre and it turns out his name was actually Alan Shearer. We went for a pint together.

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'People are usually nice about it, we usually have a bit of a laugh.'

Just hours before Kevin signed up for his new cleaning job Newcastle was thrown  into turmoil when the former England boss quit Toon.

Crown added: 'Our Kevin Keegan doesn't have to worry about the future because we will give him full control of all transfers - of mops and sweeping brushes.

'I first found out when I saw someone writing up a job appointment letter for Kevin Keegan on the computer. At first I couldn't believe it, I thought it was a total wind-up.'

Cleaner Kevin, from the Leam Lane Estate in Gateshead, said it is the latest of  many amusing incidents.

He said: 'Once, I went for a hospital appointment and when I told the nurses my name they said you won't believe it but we had a Kenny Dalglish in here the other day.

'But it's not always friendly. I rang up to apply for a job at a firm on the Scotswood Road once, and when I said my name's Kevin Keegan the man said "oh  yeah? And my name's Terry McDermott." Then he hung up on me.

'It's got to the point where I have to take my passport out with me to prove that this is really my name.

'I'm trying to keep a low profile. The only difference between me and the real  Kevin Keegan is I've got a moustache.'

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