Make Mine a Double

Don't make a drama out of a cocktail. As the Connaught's head barman says, sometimes it just takes two

Tequila based cocktail

Tequila based cocktail

Gin based cocktail

Gin based cocktail

Base: Vodka cocktail

Base: Vodka cocktail



Ingredients: 50ml El Tesoro Preposado tequila, 20ml Zedda

Piras Mirto liqueur.

Method: Pour into a tumbler over ice.

Finishing Touch:  A twist of lime peel

The Connaught's bar manager Santino Cicciari says: 'This is a fusion of different cultures in one drink. The tequila is, of course, from Mexico, where it's fermented in oak casks; Mirto is made in Sardinia from wild myrtle berries. This cocktail must be drunk cold, after dinner.'


Ingredients: 50ml Tanqeuray gin, 20ml Galliano L'Autentico liqueur.

Method: Mix together and pour into a martini glass. Add ice.

Finishing touch: A twist of orange peel.

Santino says: 'Tanqueray has lots of rich herbal flavours - juniper and coriander. Galliano is a sweet, yellow herbal liqueur, flavoured mainly with vanilla and star anise. Together they make quite a heady mix. You can drink it as a digestif - either just before or after a meal.


Ingredients: 60ml Ketel One vodka, shot of cold espresso.

Method: Mix together, shake and double-strain over ice into a martini glass.

Finishing touch: Several coffee beans

Santino says: 'Many people drink vodka and Red Bull, so why not vodka and espresso? The secret is the ice, which has gone through a slow-freezing process. This results in it melting more slowly'.

Apricot brandy based cocktail

Apricot brandy based cocktail

Vermentino based cocktail

Vermentino based cocktail

Whisky based cocktail

Whisky based cocktail


Ingredients:  20ml apricot brandy, champagne

Method:  Pour brandy into champagne flute, top up with champagne

Finishing Touch: Add a sugar cube

Santino says: 'Apricot brandy has a lovely subtle colour when you mix it with champagne, and its sweet taste and strong kick give substance to the drink. A delicious aperitif - and you don't need to use a top-end champagne'


Ingredients: 150ml Vermentino, 20ml Aperol liqueur

Method: Pour wine over ice, add Aperol, double-strain into a wine glass

Finishing Touch: A twist of orange peel.

Santino says: 'Vermentino is a very fresh white wine, citrusy with low acidity - it's not top-of-the-range adn needs to be served chilled. Aperol is similar to Campari but is sweeter and with a lighter red colour. Together they make a fantastic aperitif.'


Ingredients: 50ml Caol Ila 18 year whisky, 25ml still water 

Method:  Pour whisky into a glass, add water.

Finishing Touch: None - it's perfect as it is

Santino says: 'Is this a cocktail? Yes because it uses more than one ingredient to create the final flavour. The water opens up the complexity of the whisky, releasing the subtle flavours. The proportions are essential - one-third-water to two-thirds-whisky'.


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