Glad she's not a Big Girl? Mika gives Katy Perry a friendly lift

He may like Big Girls, but surely Mika was thankful for slim singer Katy Perry's light size as he hoisted her up for a piggy back.

The two were enjoying themselves at the Serpentine Gallery's summer party in London's Hyde Park last night.

They clearly wanted to liven things up a bit outside the sophisticated event.

Perry me home: Katy gets a welcome lift from Mika

carry me home: Katy Perry gets a welcome lift from Mika

With the I Kissed A Girl chart-topper perched on his back, Mika ran around, dodging photographers. At one point last night it looked as though they were about to take a tumble as he seemed to lose his footing.

Luckily he managed to steady himself before the pair dived into a waiting taxi.


The pair nearly took a tumble, before Mika managed to steady his footing

This morning however the 23-year-old may have wished she had instead gone to bed for an early night.

She looked bleary eyed as she turned up for an early morning interview on Radio One.

And the singer hid behind her oversized shades as waiting fans shoved their autograph books in her face.

The morning after: Katy Perry signs autographs for her fans

The morning after: Katy signs autographs for her fans

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