Bare of the dog: Meet the hairless American terriers that could make the perfect pet for allergy sufferers

They are small, bald and undeniably a bit freakish.

But hairless American terriers such as these could soon be a common sight in Britain.

Called Jet, Amber and Ruby, the dogs pictured here belong to Michael Daniels, 36, the first breeder of the terriers in the UK.

Hairless American terriers

Smooth operators: Jet, Amber and Ruby are hairless American terriers. They belong to allergy sufferer Michael Daniels, who finds them 'a godsend'

He suffers from extreme allergies and had given up hope of owning a pet until he read about the breed on an American website in 2004 and ordered one. It arrived via quarantine six months later.

'It was a godsend and they have now become an obsession,' he said.

Mr Daniels' dog Trinity is now is the mother of a litter of three pups.

The hairless terrier was first bred in the 1970s from a rat terrier that had a freak bald puppy.

Michael Daniels

Michael Daniels with Trinity and her three puppies

hairless terriers

Perfect pets: From left to right, Jet, Trinity, Amber and Ruby

Like sphynx cats, they are an acquired taste.

But Mr Daniels, from Romford, East London, thinks they will be a big hit here because of their suitability for allergy sufferers - and because they don't leave hairs all over the sofa.

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