Turning somersaults for Stella: Olympic athletes model Stella McCartney's vibrant new range for adidas

By Deborah Arthurs for MailOnline

The Royal Horticultural Halls in SW1 have never seen such an energetic display.

They ordinarily play host to nothing more daring than some prize blooms and a placid gardener or two, but this morning, as the opening tune from Match of the Day rang out around the hall, Olympic medal-winning cyclist Victoria Pendleton, runner Allyson Felix and gymnast Beth Tweddle plus a host of other honed and toned athletes bounded out into the space to give Stella's latest range for adidas a rigorous testing.

Left, cyclist Victoria Pendleton and runner Allyson Felix with Stella McCartney; right,

As Beth cartwheeled along a balance beam wearing cuffed grey cropped trousers and primrose yellow vest, an athlete in a grass green hooded tracksuit pounded a treadmill set high on a podium, while yet another on a trampoline turned somersaults ten feet in the air wearing coral leggings and leotard.

'There's just no need for sportswear to be unattractive', Stella told us after the show.

'I was just so disappointed in what was available for women. Sportswear has always been just an afterthought, we're expected to put up with ugly colours and nasty fabrics.'


'I wanted to design a range for girls to look good whether they're running, doing yoga or in the gym, and adidas, with all their experience, are the perfect partner to do that'.

So just how does she do it?

Using inspiration from her own design range, Stella brilliantly takes a couture palette - yellow, scarlet, coral, putty and dove - as well as styling elements - think cuffed pants, ribbon trims, cut-out panels, filigree - and applies it to sportswear.

Contours, contrasts and ribbons give a stylish edge to this leotard and leggings; a tennis dress is given a couture touch with filigree trim

And, proved by the athletes' energetic display, quite unlike the high street's usual 'pretty but pointless' approach to attractive sportswear, Stella's adidas collection is for more than just posing.

As Stella put it, these clothes don't just look good, they perform too.

And her favourite part of the range?

'It has to be the tennis range - you get a chance to be a bit saucy!'

Enlarge   Stella

Stella loves designing the tennis range. 'You get a chance to be a bit saucy', she says


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