PFA chief Taylor thinks Guthrie can expect extended ban after midfielder's X-rated lunge

Players' union leader Gordon Taylor has admitted he 'wouldn't be surprised' if the Football Association hit Newcastle's Danny Guthrie with significant extra punishment for the X-rated challenge which broke the leg of Hull's Craig Fagan.

And the Professional Footballers' Association's chief executive has warned Guthrie he can expect little protection from his union if that is the case - even though Taylor is convinced the foul was 'totally out of character' for the player who has since publicly apologised.

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Whoah - Danny boy! Guthrie slides in during Newcastle's home defeat to Hull City and was later sent off after breaking Craig Fagan's leg

Guthrie is already facing an automatic three-match ban for the red card which followed his wild lunge as the former Bolton and Liverpool midfielder vented his frustration at Hull's time-wasting tactics in the closing minutes of a 2-1 home defeat at St James's Park.

The FA have confirmed, however, that they have the power to increase the statutory  ban for violent play having examined video evidence plus the referee's report.

Taylor said: 'We have signed up to a disciplinary procedure which can do this but there is only one body who can enforce it and that is the FA.

'These days, respect for referees, opponents and the game itself is a major issue and although it's fine to try to educate people along those lines there has got to be a deterrent as well.

'What he (Guthrie) did was clearly not acceptable. I'm not sure what the FA are planning but I think it's entirely possible they will come up with a charge of bringing the game into disrepute.

Gordon Taylor

Gordon and the Guthrie: Taylor believes 21-year-old could be banned for more than three games

'We've all seen what happened and you can't condone it. I accept that it is a high-profile, highly-emotional game and that there are clearly some things going on at Newcastle which probably have an effect on a lot of people.

'But the image of the game has got to be considered. We know what it means to so many people and how it can be so influential on youngsters watching it on

'I'm sure this is completely out of character for Danny Guthrie. He's done a
positive thing now and apologised for his actions and maybe that will help him.

'But clubs should also play a part in disciplining their players in these matters and the FA could take note of that as well as a proper feeling of remorse.

'But, especially in the current climate with the new Respect programme which everybody has said they will back, steps have still got to be taken when things go wrong.'

Hull manager Phil Brown has blasted Guthrie for the 'horrible' foul which looks likely to keep Fagan, who has a fractured right tibia, out of action for at least six weeks.

Taylor said: 'After the player (Fagan) and his family, the manager is the next one to suffer because he loses an important player for a period of time. So he's bound to be upset.

'You can only give out so many clear messages about what is expected from
people in the game but there is only one body who can really deal with it when
things go wrong and that is the FA.'

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