London-bound Virgin plane forced into emergency landing

A London-bound Virgin Atlantic plane with 300 passengers aboard had to divert to an airport early today following a heating problem.

The Airbus A340 plane, which had taken off from Miami, landed safely at Wilmington in North Carolina and all passengers disembarked normally and were taken to local hotels.

Wilmington airport staff said that it was thought the problem was caused by an overheated toilet pump and that there was no evidence of a fire.

Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340

A London-bound Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 carrying 300 passengers was forced to divert due to a heating problem (file picture)

The flight - VS06 - had been due to arrive at Heathrow airport today.

A Virgin spokesman said: 'The plane diverted as a result of a technical problem. Passengers will fly back on this plane from Wilmington at 6pm local time today.'

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