Thirteen fans killed as witchcraft sparks stampede at local derby

Thirteen football fans died after a goalkeeper used witchcraft to help his losing side.

A riot broke out at a local derby in Congo between Nyuki and Socozaki, with supporters killed - and over 50 others injured - in a stampede for the exits.

Witchcraft is widespread in the central African state but Socozaki's players reacted angrily when the opposing keeper ran upfield to place symbols in their goalmouth. 


Witchcraft and black magic are practised in Congo but frowned upon

'It started at half-time when Nyuki's keeper removed stuff from his jersey and threw it into the net of their opponents,' an eyewitness said. 

'Socozaki players caught him and started beating him after alleging that he had tried to throw witchcraft in their net.   

'His Nyuki teammates intervened and a fight broke out between the two sides.'

Police, who were pelted with rocks while trying to break up the brawl, then fired teargas - sparking off the fatal stampede.

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