School road rage: Half of mothers abused or threatened while driving children to class

Almost half of mothers have been sworn at, abused or threatened with violence while driving their children to school.

‘School road rage’ has become so bad, many admit they now dread having to pick their children up from lessons.

The survey of 1,150 mothers found 27 per cent have had rude hand gestures made at them, while 19 per cent have been sworn at by other drivers.

Many mothers fear the school run because of road rage incidents such as these

Many mothers fear the school run because of road rage incidents such as these

Others said they are regularly hooted at or have had headlights flashed at them while on the school run.

Most seriously, 2 per cent have been threatened with violence, the figures compiled
by Honda reveal.

The road rage often occurs when other drivers caught up in congestion around the school gates get annoyed at slower traffic, parents looking for parking spaces and being held up as kids cross the road.

But some 55 per cent of mums believe they were targeted by motorists and environmentalists angry their cars are clogging roads in what are perceived to be large gas-guzzling cars.

The mums feel they are unfairly stereotyped - many share the run with other children so five seat cars and bigger are often full.

John Kingston, of Honda, said: ‘We believe the reason mums get such a hard time is because of unfounded perceptions.’

More than three in four take two or more children with them to and from school and 49 per cent make the trip as part of a longer journey, such as shopping or to work.

Almost half  of school run mums have never had a crash in their car, compared to just 35 per cent of the population as a whole.

Slightly more than half live too far away from school to walk or cycle and 19 per cent say there are no suitable public transport links.

A small section - 15 per cent - say they use the car because they are worried about busy roads or other safety aspects.

But nearly half  feel they are being unfairly pressured into leaving the car at home despite the lack of an alternative.

Back home, mums are greener too than most of the population.

They recycle an average of 60 per cent of their household waste, compared to around 25 per cent for the average UK adult. 

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