Let's Talk About The Rain: Take a raincheck on this washout

Let's Talk About The Rain (12A)

This disappointingly wet tragi-comedy is about a feminist Frenchwoman (played by the film's writer-director Agnes Jaoui) who returns to her childhood home in the South of France.

There, she is interviewed for a series on Successful Women by a couple of comically inept documentary-makers (Jamel Debbouze and Jean-Pierre Bacri), the latter of whom is having an affair with the heroine's married sister (Pascale Arbillot), who must have extremely perverse taste in movie-makers.

Nothing about this picture rings true.


Jamel Debbouze (Karim), Agnes Jaoui (Agathe) and Jean-Pierre Bacri (Michel) in Let's Talk About The Rain

Early on, our heroine discovers that the documentary makers are both incompetent and intent on 'stitching her up'.

It is simply beyond belief that she doesn't walk out, let alone that she confides in them, even smoking dope with the older of the two.

Also, the ineptitude of the senior documentary maker is so all-encompassing that it's implausible that he ever had a career.

Nor do the romantic relationships have any weight. We never feel for these people, let alone have an investment in their stories.

Jaoui's two previous films, The Taste Of Others (1999) and Look At Me (2004), are both civilised comedies worth checking out; this isn't.

Verdict: Let's not talk about it


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