The school run Posh and Becks style: A £300,000 Rolls Royce Phantom and two security teams

David Beckham seems to have adapted seamlessly to life in Los Angeles - or 'La la land' as it's more commonly known for good reason.

But  the school run is quite a different affair from the usual 4x4 crowded route that most British parents endure.

The multimillionaire footballer hopped in his £300,00 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe to make the dash to collect his children from school, with two teams of personal security trailing him.

Enlarge   David Beckham

Cavalcade: David Beckham does the school run in Los Angeles in a £300,000 Rolls Royce runaround, accompanied by two teams of personal security

The LA Galaxy star looked as if he was at the centre of a presidential cavalcade rather than en route to a primary school.

Beckham, 34, drove with the roof of his car down on his way to the school - but clearly mindful of his children's security, he raised it once he had collected the boys.

Enlarge   David Beckham

Lavish: Beckham drove to the school with the top down, but mindful of his sons security raised it for the journey home

Enlarge   David Beckham

Presidential: The school convoy seen on the way back to the Beckhams' mansion

The Beckhams' high-maintenance lifestyle continues to raise eyebrows as they live under the glare of the Hollywood spotlight, even by US standards.

On Sunday, Victoria, 34, revealed just how she has adapted to life in Los Angeles, by turning up to watch son Brooklyn, 9, play football dressed to the nines.

She had clearly decided against the 'soccer mom' uniform of tracksuit bottoms and trainers, opting for her usual attire of high heels and designer dress as she arrived with a couple of heavy-set bodyguards.

Victoria Beckham

Wannabe: Posh isn't  your average 'soccer mom'. She turned up to son Brooklyn's football match dressed to the nines

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