Ty Cobb swinging the bat.
Tyrus Raymond Cobb, 1886-1961.
Satchel Paige
Satchel Paige at his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig surrounded by a group of boys.
Baseball players, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, New York Yankees surrounded by a group of boy football players and adults.
Babe Ruth
Baseball player, Babe Ruth, New York Yankees, sitting in a dugout at Comiskey Park.
Babe Ruth swinging a bat.
Baseball player Babe Ruth following through after swinging a bat, standing on the field at Comiskey Park.
Babe Ruth throwing a ball.
Baseball player, Red Sox, Babe Ruth standing in profile following through after throwing ball.
Three baseball players seated, with bats.
Baseball players Babe Ruth, Shawkey, and Lou Gehrig sitting on a batting practice backstop on the field at Comiskey Park
Cy Young throwing a ball.
Cy Young, Boston AL, throwing baseball.
Rogers Hornsby standing with a bat on his shoulder.
Baseball player Rogers Hornsby holding a bat while standing in front of grandstands and a dugout at Wrigley Field.
A baseball player hitting a ball with the catcher and umpire behind him.
Baseball player Rogers Hornsby hitting a home run, standing at home plate during a baseball game at Wrigley Field.
A young boy in batting stance and an older man looking on.
Eight year old Joe DiMaggio, Jr. poised with baseball bat, Casey Stengel seated before him.
Casey Stengel
Casey Stengel, wearing sunglasses, while playing outfield for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
A baseball catcher hugging a pitcher.
Yogi goes wild over Larsen's no hitter.
A baseball player sliding into base as another player attempts to tag him.
Yogi Berra, New York Yankee catcher, safe at third base as he eluded attempted tag of Eddie Miksis (34), Brooklyn Dodger third baseman.
A baseball player holding two bats while standing in the dugout.
Baseball player Jimmy Foxx holding two baseball bats, standing in a dugout before a 1929 World Series at Wrigley Field.