What Amy takes on a night out - a bottle of vodka, a bottle of Jack ... and an asthma inhaler

Amy Winehouse went out on the tiles last night equipped with everything a troubled singer-about-town might need ... a couple of bottles of spirits, a supply of cigarettes and an asthma inhaler.

The 24-year-old singer headed out from her Camden home in the small hours with friends

including Babyshambles guitarist Mick Whitnall and model Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

The night owls dropped in at two parties in London - one in Bow and one in Bow Street - but were back for an early night at 7am.

Enlarge   Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse out last night with a couple of bottles of spirits, a supply of cigarettes and an asthma inhaler

Witnesses said Amy - notorious for her on-off battles with drugs and alcohol - was carrying a Jack Daniels bottle and a bottle of Smirnoff.

She was also equipped with an asthma inhaler, though fears of an asthma attack did not appear to deter her from smoking.

It seems that her new personal trainer may have some way to go before he converts Amy to the idea that her body is a temple.

Enlarge   Amy Winehouse and Mick Whitnall

Party time: Amy heads out with Mick Whitnall of Babyshambles

Enlarge   Vegetable portrait of Amy Winehouse

Vegging out: Amy Greenhouse, a winner at the Lambeth Country Show

The fitness expert was snapped yesterday looking rather apprehensive as he arrived with weights at her home.

Perhaps she might at least be won over to a healthy diet by a striking model of her which won plaudits at a show in the capital yesterday.

No, it wasn't the misleadingly fresh-faced new waxwork that was unveiled by her parents at Madame Tussauds this week.

The portrait in question, made largely out of raw potatoes and aubergines, was the bizarre winning entry in the Vegetable Figure section at this year's Lambeth Country Show in South London. 

The real Amy certainly seemed in fine spirits last night, though it probably had less to do with the prize portrait than with a family reunion earlier in the evening with her mother Janis, her father Mitchell and her brother Alex.

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