Why splashing on aftershave makes perfect scents to men

Man putting on aftershave

Smell of success: Aftershave makes men more attractive, according to scientists

Aftershave does make men more attractive, according to scientists – but not necessarily because of the smell.

Research suggests that it works by boosting confidence, making men appear more desirable.

At the start of the study, women were asked to rate the looks of a group of young men based solely on photographs.

Half the men were then given a fragranced deodorant to use, the others an unscented variety.

Two days later they were recorded on video talking about themselves for 15 seconds.

The women watched the clips with the sound turned off and, despite having no idea how the men smelt, gave much higher scores to those who had been using scent.

Men in the fragranced group said their self-esteem had risen during the experiment and it is thought that the watching women picked up on this.

Monica Garcia, a consumer scientist at Unilever, which carried out the research with help from Liverpool University, said: 'Our research indicates that men who ooze self-confidence have a much better chance of attracting women – irrespective of their physical looks.'

She added: 'Women are attracted not only by the smell itself, but by the effect the scent has on its wearer.

'Looking your best can make you feel your best and that will come through in the way you talk and smile.'

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