Twins found guilty of murdering disabled man dragged screaming from the dock

Identical twin brothers were today forcibly dragged from the dock after being convicted of killing a disabled man.

James and Stuart Head, 35, struggled with prison officers after the jury found them guilty of murdering photographer Nigel Stemp, 54.

James banged on the glass of the Old Bailey dock and called out: 'I wasn't even there.'

Judge Richard Hone adjourned sentencing for the brothers to calm down.

James Head
Stuart Head

Guilty: Identical twins James (l) and Stuart Head were forcibly removed from the dock after being found guilty of killing a disabled man

Nigel Stemp

Victim: Photographer Nigel Stemp was murdered by the Head brothers in April 2007

The twins beat Mr Stemp to death and then set fire to his home in Orpington, Kent, to cover the crime. Mr Stemp, who walked with the aid of sticks, was attacked at his flat in April last year.

Firemen made the 'gruesome discovery' of his charred body on his bed when they put out the fire.

He had been hit over the head with planks of wood and possible a hammer, and an attempt had been made to cut his throat.

Mr Altman said the Heads killed Mr Stemp because they had swapped homes with him a week before, but had been made to switch back by housing officials.

The Head brothers had denied murder claiming they were not at the flat.

The twins later sat impassively between eight dock officers as they were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Judge Hone said they would have to serve minimum terms of 16 years.

He told them: 'You are both equally culpable. I have no doubt that you each used one of the pieces of timber to beat Nigel Stemp.'

The attack was the culmination of days of hostility during which Mr Stemp had demanded £150 for damage they had caused to his home and for setting a sofa alight, the judge said.

He added: 'You each have a low cunning and have shown absolutely no remorse.'

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