Am I too old for... BIG BOWS

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga style... Big statements require big personalities including over-sized bows

How do we feel about big bows? Studded on to shoes at Yves Saint Laurent, pleated into fat silky bow ties at Dolce & Gabbana, they were big on the catwalks.

Fashion’s favourite pop-muse Lady Gaga (below) has worn what looks like her own platinum blonde hair teased into a large Minnie Mouse tribute on her head.

The bows that rule right now are vast. For full-on fashion credibility, with a wink towards Eighties excess, the size of the bow matters.

Frankly, the chicest of skinny flat bows - reminiscent of stiff 1950s satins and all things Grace Kelly - won’t do.

Here’s where things get tricky. Big statements require big personalities.

But for any grown-up inclined to make a nod to the trend, in some lesser form of easy-towear bow, you’re on a slippery slope.

My sophisticated friend has a rule: ‘Once your age is in double figures, the only acceptable bows come on shoes or cocktail dresses.’

Any kind of pretty (and for ‘pretty’ read soft, flouncy and feminine) bow tends to look gruesome on those past their girlish prime.

Like women who still tie their hair in pigtails, that kind of faux girlishness looks wrong. And watered down, all the sass of this season’s big bow is lost.

Beware, too, the slew of bow hair ornaments: Shirley Temple might be your drink, but not your style icon.

A final thought. A pregnant friend wonders at the wisdom of bows on maternity clothes: ‘It just says Easter egg to me.’

She has a point.

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