Therapy of the week: Razor-

blade pedicure

Nail varnish

When nail varnish just doesn't do the trick, it's time for a pedicure

My feet are victims of all sorts of atrocities - from late nights in Louboutins to hard days kicking around city streets in Havaiana flip-flops - and require more than a cursory scrub and lick of nail varnish.

So it was with interest that I booked a Shanghainese pedicure.

Dating back to the Twenties, this is the king of all pedicures. The first hint that this was no namby-pamby foot treat was the location; a room just off the Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental hotel’s barber’s - all dark wood and leather, wet shaves and cut-throat razors.

The tools of this trade are not pumice and emery board, but super-sharpened razor blades.

I took my place on the raised leather bench, plunged my feet into a bath of warm water and submitted to the ministrations of Ben Cheung.

Between him and his fellow foot genius, Samuel So, they have more than 30 years’ experience of this fine art.

I’m terrified of flinching and subsequently losing a toe, but I needn’t have worried. I genuinely feel nothing, even though the blades are used for everything from trimming the toenails to slicing away slivers of hard heel skin. Just over an hour later, my feet have been soaked, sliced, shaved, buffed and restored to a glory the like of which they haven’t seen in decades.

Shangainese Pedicure, $660 HKD (£60) for 75 minutes, achieve the desired length.

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