Who is the mystery crimefighter responsible for hundreds of tip-offs to village police?

Mystery letter writer

Crime classic: In the sleepy Somerset town of Highbridge a mystery letter writer has sent police 200 tip-offs

It could be a storyline from a detective novel  -  a mystery crimefighter helping police catch crooks with hundreds of tip-offs.

But, luckily for police in Somerset, this one is real.

He or she has sent more than 200 anonymous notes to officers with information on local criminals.

The letters have been sent during the past year and have given police enough information to carry out drug warrants, catch road tax dodgers and TV licence-fee evaders.

The letters, which are always typed in black on white paper, have baffled police, who have received 50 of them in the last month.

The clues all relate to crimes in the town of Highbridge in Somerset.

Avon and Somerset Police chiefs are keen to find out who the supergrass is and have promised to protect their identity if they come forward.

There are a number of theories as to who it might be, with some suggesting it could be a retired policeman or even a crime novel enthusiast.

Highbridge Neighbourhood Sergeant Ian Kennett said: 'I very much would like to meet or speak to whoever is sending these letters so that I can explain what we are doing about the issues raised.'

Sedgemoor District Council, based in the neighbouring town of Bridgwater, has also received tip-off notes which appear to be from the same writer.

Rumours are circulating among the 4,600 residents about the identity of the amateur sleuth.

A police source said: 'We have no idea who this person is, but the notes are well-written, which suggests the person is well-educated.'

'They are all identical - immaculately typed in black ink on white paper.

'In total we've had more than 200 and we had 50 last month.

'We really want to get the writer to come forward so we can tell them what we have been doing to address their concerns and tell them how to direct their information better to us.

'The letters started coming a year ago and have continued since, but have picked up of late.'

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