EastEnders vixen Janine Butcher spikes Jack Branning's drink and chains him to a radiator

Jack Branning learns the hard way not to get on the wrong side of Janine Butcher after she handcuffs him to a radiator and threatens to kill him.

Butcher, played by 27-year-old Charlie Brooks, has been deliberately playing him and business partner Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Janus) off against each other to convince them to sell her their share of the R&R nightclub.


Tied up: Jack Branning wakes up chained to a radiator after Janine Butcher spikes his drink

But she sees red when she realises that the pair have caught her out and plots her revenge on Branning (played by Scott Maslen).

After luring him into the office and spiking his drink with whiskey, she chains him up and threatens him with a can of petrol, before pouring its contents around the office.


Janine pours liquid from a can of petrol over Branning who soon realises it is water - but not before he has confessed his darkest secrets

The unfazed former police officer tells her that he's more dangerous that she knows and reveals shocking details about his past.

He realises that the liquid is only water just as Butcher reveals that she's recorded their whole conversation about his past for insurance.

Butcher walks out of the club, leaving Jack chained to the radiator for the night and viewers are left wondering what the vixen will do with the information she has learned.

The dramatic episode will be aired on Thursday 29th January

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