Body talk: Heidi gets a Seal of approval

Heidi Klum and Seal

Performed normality is probably the hardest stunt in the body-language repertoire to pull off. The ‘celebrity snog in front of cameras’ manoeuvre is a hurdle that has felled the mightiest of A-listers, as a state of self-conscious awareness takes over the entire body, making the simple act of puckering up to your partner as hard as planting a kiss on your own elbow.

Until the Obamas hit our screens with their ‘lost in the moment’ loved-up displays in front of a global audience, SEAL took first prize for public displays of romantic intent with his missus. While HEIDI KLUM focused on looking beautiful, Seal would use the kind of eye-gazing and tender-touch rituals that would blow your socks off.

However, what looked like brewing up into another dollop of undiluted passion here
has been turned into the kind of smacker
you might receive from an estranged
maiden aunt.

Seal’s forward-leaning, biceps-expanding pose still oozes affection, but the overall effect is to make him look as though he thinks his wife is a precious doll that he should treat with respect.

Heidi’s embrace is rather more pragmatic. She accepts her husband’s kiss a little like a politician, placing her hands around his neck in a gesture of dominance and keeping her head straight rather than cocking it submissively.

The gigantic gap between their pelvises makes this a nonsexual encounter, but having recently strutted her stuff on the catwalks for Victoria’s Secret and allegedly put the younger models to shame, Heidi clearly thinks some congratulatory body language is in order from her husband.


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