My obsession with looking like Jordan has left me £30k in debt... but I won't stop having surgery

Trying to keep up with the plastic surgery habits of Katie Price is hard enough to the passing observer, but for glamour model Shell Short, it's also proving very expensive. The 26-year-old has spent £32,000 copying her nips and tucks in a bid to be a success. Her boyfriends think she needs therapy, but she believes all the sacrifices will soon be worth it...

Model behaviour: Shell Short, 26, left, has spent £32,500 on surgery, clothes and treatments to look more like her hero, glamour model Jordan, right

Shell has had nine cosmetic procedures already and, last year alone, she spent a shocking £32,500 on surgery, beauty treatments and clothes in an attempt to look like the star.

Now, despite finding herself £30k in debt with no way of paying the money back - and a string of ex-boyfriends who think she needs therapy - she is determined to continue her quest.

"If I looked like Jordan, I could be just as successful"

Obsessed with celebrity since she was a teenager, last year, Shell became fixated on Katie Price. "I'm impressed by how much money she's made and how her new brown hair, smaller boobs and bigger lips have made her even more popular," she says.

"I thought if I could look like her I could be just as successful."

Shell spent hours studying photos of the star and copying her clothes, and spent £500 having her hair dyed brown and extensions put in.

Each time Jordan returns from LA boasting yet more lip injections, a new cup size or a brand new set of veneers, Shell, who earns just £1,800 a month working as an admin assistant, says she must keep up.

Enlarge   Shell Short from Closer magazine

Shell's plastic surgery obsession began aged 12 when she wanted to look like Jessica Simpson. She had her first breast enlargement age 20

"When Jordan went to the US for surgery, I kept a list of her ops and had them done in the UK over the summer", she confesses.

"My breasts were enlarged to a 32DD, I had fillers in my cheekbones, my lips were injected with Restylane and I had liposuction on my stomach, bottom and thighs," she told Closer magazine.

The surgery cost £13,500 in total, which Shell paid for with six credit cards and two loans.

But despite spiralling further and further into debt, Shell says she has yet more surgery planned.

Before Christmas, people had been asking Shell for her autograph, and lookalike agencies had promised her work.

But as she piled on weight over Christmas and struggled to maintain the star's size 6 figure, the attention wavered.

"In December, everyone was telling me how much I looked like Jordan, but that's not happening now," Shell says. "I'm now on a strict diet, I'm getting veneers, and my lips injected again.", she says. "Then I'll be as successful as Jordan."

Shell's obsession with celebrity began when she was a teenager and a size 12. "I wanted to look like Jessica Simpson," she says. "I thought I was ugly and that having big boobs and a tiny waist would make me happy."

Age 20, she decided becoming a glamour model was her route to fame and fortune, and set out to transform her body and face.

She spent £3,500 on breast enlargements to take her 32B chest up to a 32D, spent £4,500 on laser skin treatment to improve her complexion and £400 on blonde, curly hair extensions.   Another £1,500 went on a set of professional photographs - all paid for with credit cards.

"When I look in the mirror and can almost see Jordan staring back, I know it's worth it"

"I wasn't worried about getting into debt, because I knew I'd be able to pay the money back when I started modelling," she says.

The gamble seemed to have begun to pay off when she got work posing in her underwear for Playboy.

But the jobs paid just £600 a month, and Shell's spending reached way beyond what her extra jobs as an admin assistant and dance teacher could pay her.

Closer magazine

Read the interview in full in this week's Closer magazine, out now

Now, as she admits she has no way of paying back her debts, even her boyfriend of eight months, builder Daniel Howard, 25, confesses he's concerned about her obsession.  "I tell her she's attractive but she's never satisfied".

Past boyfriends, too, told her she was too obsessed with spending money on her looks and needed professional help.

Her mother though, Tracey Short, a 47 year-old taxi driver, is less concerned. "At least she's not spending her money on booze and fags," she says.

Having a role model with such a mentality, perhaps it's no wonder Shell has become what some would say was deluded about her appearance.

"I haven't done any lookalike work yet, but I know I can earn £500 a day. I've been told I'll get lots of bookings," she urges.

"I break down in tears worrying about my debts, but when I look in the mirror and can almost see Jordan staring back, I know it's worth it."

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