Kate Moss's four-day birthday bash causes more chaos on her street: Private bin firm collect huge pile of rubbish left over

The aftermath of Kate Moss's four-day birthday bash was spilling across the street outside her home today as bin men from a private waste management firm collected the massive amount of rubbish left over.

Boxes, bin bags and newspapers were strewn across the pavement in North London a day after the festivities ended. Moss is believed to have arranged for their collection herself.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss

Aftermath: A private waste management firm collected the massive amount of rubbish left over from Kate Moss's 35th birthday celebrations today

The supermodel’s mammoth 35th birthday celebrations moved to her £8million mansion on Sunday, where a medieval-themed party raged until dawn, much to the dismay of her neighbours.

Police arrived twice during the night following complaints about the disturbance, and Camden Council anti-noise patrols asked for the music to be turned down.

Guests including Sadie Frost,  Meg Mathews, Stella McCartney and soap star Davinia Taylor – who was falling out of her frock even as she was arriving at the bash – partied to tracks by Queen, the Beach Boys and Meat Loaf, which blared out into the street.

Kate Moss

Bin men remove the piles of rubbish from the supermodel's North London street

Several of the revellers were heard singing along to Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday.

One neighbour, a 51-year old foster carer, said the noise had stopped her three babies from sleeping.

‘Several of us complained,’ she said. ‘It was just so uncomfortable. It’s been like that since she moved here last summer, on and off. They were having some kind of fancy-dress party.

'They were bringing in a moose head in a van and some high-backed chairs. We could not park our cars.

Kate Moss

‘I had to take the kids to another bedroom because of the noise. I phoned the council to complain.’

Another resident said: ‘I went to bed at midnight but couldn’t get to sleep because the music from the house was so loud. Even with double glazing, it was echoing around the bedroom.

‘The music was mainly Eighties, including some decent Queen tunes. All my family were trying to get to sleep so I complained to the council.

davinia taylor

Wardrobe malfunction: Davinia Taylor reveals a little more than intended as she arrives at the party on Friday

Sadie Frost

A polished Sadie Frost, who emerged from the house at 1am on Sunday morning, clearly hadn't been drinking as she drove herself home

'They turned up just before 1am and the music was turned down, but as soon as they left it went up again – and went on until gone 7am.’

The scale of the party at Miss Moss’s house was evident from the deliveries that arrived in the run-up to the celebrations.

Packs of beer were wheeled in on a trolley while two catering workers struggled to carry a large pig already speared on a spit in preparation for roasting.

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