Mutton dressed as ram: The ageing male stars making fashion mistakes when they should know better

With the likes of Madonna cavorting around in eye-wateringly tight leotards and Nancy Dell'olio known to leave the house in transparent frocks, it's normally the older women who are given a hard time for dressing inappropriately for their age.

Well now it's time the blokes felt the crack of the style whip as Femail presents the top mutton dressed as ram contenders.

After so many years in the spotlight you'd think this motley crew of aging rockers, actors and TV personalities would know how to dress, but as our list proves, wisdom does not always come with age and money can't buy taste, however many records you've sold.

Keeping up with the young ladies: Ronnie Wood's check jacket resembles that of a lumberjack, Paul Weller sports a man bag as he channels boy band chic and Rod Stewart's linen suit is let down by brogues and a scarf


Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood hit the headlines last summer after he left wife of 28 years for a 20-year-old cocktail waitress. Despite there being a  40 year age gap the pair seem to get along well but the young Russian can't be with him for his dress sense which resembles that of a lumberjack.

We can only assume he left his normal jacket at home and had to wear the the check fleece number as a last  resort.


Another aging rocker to slip up recently is Paul Weller. With a 23-year-old girlfriend in tow the former Jam front man has even resorted to sporting a natty man bag in a bid to look cool and has dyed his hair ash blonde.

Paul was recently pictured sprawled outside a bar in Prague which is no way to behave at the ripe old age of 50.


His young wife Penny Lancaster might think he's sexy but surely not when he dresses like Anthony Andrews in Brideshead Revisited.

The linen suit is not all bad, but when teamed with monochrome brogues, a navy neckerchief and shaggy hairstyle he certainly does not wear it well. Even when on duty the stage outfits he chooses are more barmaid Liz MacDonald than designer Julien.

Should know better: Paul McCartney makes the mistake of teaming trainers with a suit, there's nowhere to hide in Jonathan Ross' red coat and Nicky Clarke's pink jeans are a no-no


With Heather Mills finally out of his hair Macca looks a lot more relaxed, but that's no excuse for wearing trainers with a suit. The skinny tie is too young a look for the 66-year-old too. Can't his fashion designer daughter Stella give him a few tips?


He courted controversy with the Andrew Sachs affair but even then Jonathan Ross did not like to keep a low profile as he stepped out in a garish red coat that would look far more stylish on a wirey young rock star.

Not known for his tactfulness, the 49-year-old's dress sense is about as crude as his jokes and as he nears the half century he should really think about losing the cropped jeans and trainers look.


He might be good for a cut and blow dry but you wouldn't ask Nicky Clarke for fashion advice. The 50-year-old is far too mature for these pink denim jeans and shiny linen jacket which might be passable on a teenager but Nicky should give them the chop.

Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke

Acting up: Mickey Rourke's attention-grabbing attire would not even look good on a svelte, young male model


Oh Mickey you're so bad, your so bad you blow our minds. Oh dear Mickey. Finally, Mr Rourke pulled out all the stops with these glorious mutton moments to promote his new film 'The Wrestler' recently.

The 52-year-old makes every male fashion faux pas going - forgetting to wear a shirt under his waistcoat, loafers with no socks, shiny suits, unnecessary facial hair, orange metallic winkle pickers - and what's with the skater boy-style chain?

There's no need to go to such lengths to divert attention from the film Mickey, you're performance has had film critics whispering the word 'Oscar'.


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