Grandfather who won £1m Lotto dies from mystery cruise ship bug just months later

A grandfather who won a £1million Lotto prize died from a mystery bug caught on a cruise ship just months later.

Colin Halford, 52, hit the jackpot in October, but he died of a rare blood disorder last week.

His death came just two days before wife Tina's 50th birthday.

Colin and wife Tina, from Tamworth, Staffordshire, scooped £1,134,695 when they matched all six numbers on the October 18 draw.

They didn't know that they had been millionaires for a week already when they went to their newsagents to get the tickets checked.

Tina and Colin Halford

Tina and Colin Halford celebrate scooping £1million on the Lotto in October. Colin died last week after picking up a mystery bug from a cruise ship

Celebrating the win, Colin recalled how the couple had found out: 'We were going for a drink at the local pub so we decided to stop off at the newsagents on the way', he said.

'I went in while Tina waited in the car and gave our tickets to the lady behind the counter.

'I asked the girl to check our tickets and she said "You'll have to contact Camelot, it's a bit more than we can pay out".

'We looked at each other in disbelief. We even joked about it being the winning ticket! I was stunned.'

He had planned to use the win to treat his family to a first holiday in over two years. They were also looking forward to taking their grandchildren to Disneyworld in Florida.

Colin, a retired miner, picked up the bug following a Caribbean holiday. He was then diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, a condition that caused facial swelling and liver problems.

Tina, 50, was last night being comforted by family and friends.

'It's a terrible tragedy. They were a lovely couple with so much to look forward to', a neighbour told the Sun newspaper.

'The world was at their feet. But he's died and the money means nothing. A million pounds in the bank couldn't save him.'

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