Grow up, City: Kaka squabble is embarrassing

What price honesty and maturity in the game?

Even when one of Europe’s biggest clubs and the world’s richest are discussing  a transfer involving a mind-boggling £100 million fee, somehow it ends up like an argument in the school playground.

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Transfer wrangle: Kaka

Kaka is not leaving AC Milan to join Manchester City, that much we know, but why is anybody’s guess.

The Premier League club claim they withdrew, Milan president and Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi insists he intervened against the move because the  Brazilian was not dazzled by the riches on offer and the player did his version of kissing the badge after having days to rule out the transfer and failing to do so.

It cannot all be right and after the furore over the potential world record deal the clubs are left squabbling like kids about why it went wrong in order to save face.

Dinner ladies really aren’t paid enough to intervene and are probably not allowed to bang heads together to get a straight answer, but it is hard not to wish someone would.

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