MAIL COMMENT: Welcome back, Ken Clarke

Yes, he’s a bit of a maverick, who can’t always be relied upon to toe the party line.

And, true (though he promises to keep his views on the subject to himself), he’s a great deal more enthusiastic about the EU than most Britons, the Mail included.

But Ken Clarke is a big man and a real pro. As the last Chancellor to lead us out of a recession, he has invaluable experience combined with a common touch – two qualities that have been notably missing from the Tory front bench of late.

Ken Clarke

In the country’s hour of crisis, Ken Clarke is welcome back in the Shadow Cabinet

In the country’s hour of crisis, the Mail wishes this heavyweight a warm welcome back to the Shadow Cabinet, where he’s needed – and to the front line of British politics, where he belongs.

Curtained off

While the rest of us suffer acute money worries, there are no such anxieties for BBC staff being relocated to Salford.

Insulated from economic reality, the corporation is guaranteeing them against losses on their London homes and helping with stamp duty, legal fees and surveys.

Why, staff are even being offered £3,000 of our money for carpets and curtains. Yet still many moan about the move.

One day, they should try the real world in which the millions who struggle to pay their licence fees have to live.

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