THE LIST: 10-1 of our favourite sports commentators of all-time

So far Sportsmail's expert team have listed football's greatest wingers, hard men and FA Cup heroes - amongst others.

This week our attention turns off the pitch and we've chosen our favourite sporting commentators. From stat-tastic Motty to the legendary Peter O'Sullevan, we've come up with our favourite fifty masters of the mic.

Like all these lists we have compiled so far, it was a tough job with many great commentators missing the cut.

But have we got it right? Have your say below:



10 Peter O'Sullevan (Horse Racing)

Peter O'Sullevan in the commentary box at Aintree Racecourse

No 10: 'The voice of racing' in his pomp at Aintree. 'The commentary you will be remembered for is the one in which you make a cock-up,' the great man once said. During a half a century in the gantry, he never erred once

9 Barry Davies (Football, Olympics, Commonwealth Games, tennis)

Barry Davies

No 9: 'Mr Versatile' once modestly admitted that he was a 'Jack of all trades, master of b***** all.' Not true, Barry. Many will recall the 1988 Britain v Germany Olympic hockey final: 'Where were the Germans .. but quite frankly who cares?'

8 Sid Waddell (darts)

Commentator Sid Waddell

No 8: 'They've got Shakespeare on Radio 2 but you can't beat this for drama.' Just one of his great lines - he also wrote the 1980s BBC children's football-based drama Jossy's Giants to boot

7 Brian Moore (Football)

1974 of Brian Moore in the commentary box at Wembley Stadium

No 7: A gent and a giant, not to mention: 'It's up for grabs now!' Sometimes it is easy to forget how glorious Brian was, with perfect voice intonation remaining until his retirement in 1998

6 Dan Maskell (Tennis)

Dan Maskell

No 6: A one-time ball boy who became the voice of Wimbledon. The All England Championships were never deemed to have properly got under way until the first 'Oh I say' - delivered in avuncular, middle class tones - had dropped from his lips


5 Peter Jones (Football, Swimming, Olympics, Cricket, Boat Race)

Peter Jones

 No 5: Peter Jones pictured with Steve Rider, Des Lynam and Helen Rollason. Jones was a giant of the wireless game - as soothing and delightful a voice as you could ever wish to hear. Impeccable. And even though it wasn't strictly commentary his words at 5pm on the evening of the Hillsborough disaster will be rightly remembered as some of the most moving ever spoken on British radio

4 Bill McLaren (Rugby)

BBC commentator Bill McLaren at his commentary position at Murrayfield before the Scotland v England

No 4: With a voice as warming as a dram of whisky on a bitterly cold Murrayfield afternoon, the 'Voice of Rugby' both and informed and entertained. 'I reckon you'd need dynamite or the Highland Light Infantry to shift Dean Richards,' he once said

3 David Coleman (Football, Olympics, Athletics)

David Coleman, BBC sports commentator

No 3: An extraordinary sense of occasion about the man and the voice of those two supreme festivals of our sporting lives - World Cups and the Olympics. Nobody will ever be able to say something as simple as: 'The mens 1,500 metres final at the Los Angeles Olympic Games' with such meaning

2 Peter Alliss (Golf)

Peter Alliss, BBC golf commentator

No 2: 'He used to be indecisive, but now he's not so sure.' TV's 'Mr Golf' has conjured a particularly warm relationship with the armchair golf fraternity

1 Richie Benaud (Cricket)

Richie Benaud behind the microphone for Channel 4 at the 5th Ashes test match at the Oval

No 1: A man who mastered the art of silence. How often would Benaud bring something new, something different to the table? Simply brilliant and who can forget: 'Straight into the confectionary stall and out again'


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