PETER HITCHENS: The best way to tackle terror? Keep calm and carry on quietly

Politicians react to terrorism much as parents might respond when their lisping tiny offspring come home from sex-ed classes and ask them to explain what lesbians do, writes PETER HITCHENS

RACHEL JOHNSON: I am sick of tennis 'girlies' in skimpy whites. So man up! 

When it comes to Wimbledon fortnight, I put a line through the diary - and would trample over both my grandmothers' graves to go to SW19, writes RACHEL JOHNSON.

Mail On Sunday Comment: Messages of hate that defy belief

From time to time we obtain evidence of how deeply we have failed to communicate the beliefs and values which have, over the centuries, made this such a unique society.

PLATELL'S PEOPLE: Lionesses who put the divas of tennis to shame 

On Wednesday, I did something I almost never do. I stayed up late to watch a football match. Around 2.4 million Brits did the same, as it happens, cheering on the England Women's World Cup team in their semi-final with Japan.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Osborne's chance to transform Britain 

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: George Osborne is no longer encumbered by the Liberal Democrat millstone, and will deliver the first exclusively Tory budget in 20 years from a position of huge strength.

PETER HITCHENS: The EU reigns over our borders, our laws...  and now our Queen

When this country was independent, the Queen was the head of our nation, the lady to whom we are subjects, but can she still be out sovereign ad a subject of the European Union?

LIZ JONES: Last week was SO bad I'm taking the ultimate step - going offline  

Today, though, having just had the worst week of my life, I yearn for a few moments' respite from the internet, after spending years in constant search of a wi-fi connection, by LIZ JONES.

A female teacher 'seducing' a boy isn't just a laugh - it's cruel abuse, says RACHEL JOHNSON

The trial of former headmistress Anne Lakey made me see how blinkered my attitude that only men pose a sexual threat to children was blinkered, by RACHEL JOHNSON.

Mail on Sunday Comment: We must keep a cool head to fight fanatics 

Rightly, we respond with grief and rage to the callous and savage murders of so many innocent people in Tunisia, a large number of them our fellow countrymen and women.

LITTLEJOHN: Border controls? Who do you think you are kidding...

Fifteen years ago, after a hijacked Afghan airliner was diverted to Stansted, I invented a spoof game show called Asylum! It's been doing the rounds on the internet ever since. Here are the edited highlights:

JAN MOIR: What next? Jail for men who are a let down in bed! 

Samuel Price and Elizabeth Sandlin weren't exactly a couple. They were a pair of attractive twentysomethings who, over the course of a year, met up now and again for sex with each other.

STEPHEN GLOVER: Royal spin so clumsy it's left even the nasty SNP on the moral high ground 

STEPHEN GLOVER: We awoke yesterday morning to the maddening news that the Scottish National Party government in Edinburgh is snubbing the Queen by pulling out of a deal to fund the monarchy.

PETER HITCHENS: If policemen don't scare you, they are not doing their job 

What is the point of the police if wrongdoers aren't afraid of them? asks PETER HITCHENS. Yet Durham Constabulary has actually produced a poster chiding parents for using the police as bogeymen.

RACHEL JOHNSON: Now try calling Kate your 'current wife', William... 

There are limits to the dumbing-down of the monarchy, and I hope we have reached them with the words 'the missus' over the footie, writes RACHEL JOHNSON.

JAMES FORSYTH: How can Dave beat the EU? By eating tons of sauerkraut 

JAMES FORSYTH: David Cameron is eating for Britain. He consumed 12 courses in 24 hours as he tried to persuade his fellow heads of government of Britain's case for EU reform.

STEPHEN POLLARD: Why I, a Labour writer, believe that after 115 years...THE PARTY'S OVER

Ed Miliband's notorious 'Ed stone' listing his promises on a giant slab, has turned out to be not just his own political tombstone, but the Labour Party's too, after 115 years.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Mr Cameron and the rising migrant crisis 

The migrants who have illegally entered the Greek Island of Kos, are among thousands who have made the journey across the Mediterranean to Europe in the ever-deepening crisis.

Why emotional rollercoasters make me sick: writes CRAIG BROWN 

It's been another bumper season for rollercoasters, writes CRAIG BROWN, with the phrase being used to describe everything from Katie Price's love life to 16th century politics.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: A slap in the face to liberty and the law 

Shaker Aamer, pictured with two of his children, is still being held at Guantanamo Bay without trial after 13 years despite US president Barack Obama promising to 'prioritise' his release.

Why emotional rollercoasters make me sick: writes CRAIG BROWN 

It's been another bumper season for rollercoasters, writes CRAIG BROWN, with the phrase being used to describe everything from Katie Price's love life to 16th century politics.

ANDREW PIERCE: How Miliband the elder could still lead Labour 

In a fascinating development, I learn David, the elder and less fanatically socialist Miliband brother - chosen political son and heir of Tony Blair - could be available in three years.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Now David Cameron must champion consumers 

Over the next five years, the Conservatives need to work on promoting genuine competition to offer customers a real choice, while giving regulators sharp teeth to attack malpractice.

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Has Thomas Cook learned any lessons?

This supposed City superwoman also ignored a personal plea for a meeting from the children's grieving father. Under such circumstances, some people might hesitate to accept a bonus at all.

PETER HITCHENS: Why Charles shakes Gerry Adams' hand - but avoids a loyal patriot 

The picture of Prince Charles meeting Gerry Adams is inexpressibly sad. There is no point in protesting against it. Worse things will be happening soon, writes PETER HITCHENS.

RACHEL JOHNSON: The secret of a perfect wife is... she's perfectly terrified

Fashion designer Miuccia Prada attends the opening of Fondazione Prada's Exhibition 'Art Or Sound' in Venice, Italy. 

(Photo by Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images for Prada)

Fashion legend Miuccia Prada, the Italian designer, has just slammed women who don't work and worry about their wrinkles instead, writes RACHEL JOHNSON.

BLACK DOG: The Godfather-like feuding ripping apart Ukip continues

Nigel Farage's aggressive former henchman, Raheem Kassam, sent a text to his arch-enemy - Ukip deputy chairman Suzanne Evans - shortly before she appeared on The Andrew Marr Show.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: The West must wake up before it's too late

(FILES) - A file picture taken on March 14, 2014 shows the citadel (background) of the ancient oasis city of Palmyra, 215 kilometres northeast of Damascus, over looking the city. Jihadists from the Islamic State group seized full control of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra on May 21, 2015, a monitor said, putting the world heritage site at risk of destruction. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH EIDJOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images

Is it too much to ask, as refugees flee the terror and Palmyra awaits demolition, that the West's leaders might at least call an emergency summit - and end this policy paralysis?

PLATELL'S PEOPLE: Where's the justice in Sadie Frost's £260k payout for phone hacking?

Sadie Frost stood outside London's High Court on Thursday and spoke of her great relief at being awarded £260,250 in damages for having her phone hacked, writes AMANDA PLATELL.

BEL MOONEY: How can I heal the pain of my war with my daughter-in-law? 

This week BEL MOONEY offers advice to a lonely grandmother who says she has lost contact with her grandchildren because of a feud with her daughter-in-law.

THE MIND DOCTOR MAX PEMBERTON: 'Never mind women... what about men's limp libidos?' 

Viagra can rescue a chap's sex life if his difficulties are all about rising to the occasion. But it can't deal with flagging desire - and that's a huge, neglected problem for middle-aged men.

RACHEL JOHNSON: It's Sam wot won it... Mrs Cameron's part in the Tory triumph should be acknowledged

Sam has pro tem sacrificed her own ambitions out of duty - and love - and for that her part in the Tory triumph should be acknowledged, writes RACHEL JOHNSON.

JAMES FORSYTH: The second Vince fell, Dave knew he'd pulled off a famous victory 

When the Business Secretary fell, every desk at campaign headquarters was banged in triumph. The Tories knew then that they were on course for a famous victory, writes JAMES FORSYTH.

LIZ JONES: Forget weekends, Prof... most workers NEVER reply to emails 

In the 30 years of working in fashion, I've only come across one person who answered my urgent email query at the weekend, even on Oscar night, writes LIZ JONES.

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Now PM must fight for the quiet patriots 

Newly freed from the constraints imposed by the Liberal Democrats, the Prime Minister needs to make the most of his liberation. Immigration reform should be at the top of his list.

LIZ JONES: Really smart people would never serve me goat's cheese 

On Thursday, I took part in a debate at the Cambridge Union. As a vegetarian, I got asparagus, followed by... yes, you guessed it, a circle of puff pastry with a disc of goat's cheese on top.

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: We are at a crossroads in our proud history and we must stay on course... not veer Left into disarray 

This is a defining week for Britain: one which will influence all our individual destinies. Rarely in the long democratic history of our islands has a General Election result been so unpredictable.

I won't be voting Tory with enthusiasm on Thursday - but the alternative is so unthinkable that I've NEVER felt so strong a duty to do so, writes TOM UTLEY 

My heart sank as I joined David Cameron on the election trail this week, when I learned that our first port of call was to be the Chartered Accountants' Hall in the City of London, writes TOM UTLEY.

Sister Reeves stalled like a horse refusing at the water jump: QUENTIN LETTS joins the Labour women on the stump 

Nothing Miss Reeves said was remotely newsworthy - until the moment when she had to big up the local candidate. She hailed her as 'the fantastic...'; and here she stalled, writes QUENTIN LETTS.

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Monty Python's Flying Coppers focus on so-called 'crimes' that most people do not consider illegal

The 21st-century police 'service' seem to model themselves on Monty Python, concentrating on so-called 'crimes' that most people wouldn't consider illegal, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN.

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: The Queen is set to amend Church of England prayers to include Camilla  

The Queen had intended to mark her son's tenth wedding anniversary by amending the state prayers of the Church of England to include the Duchess of Cornwall, writes EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Treacherous tactics of a desperate party 

Even by their own pitifully low standards, the Lib Dems yesterday plumbed new depths of treachery and deceit. Danny Alexander accused the Tories of having a 'secret' plan to slash child benefit.

STEPHEN GLOVER: Labour blame the Tories for the SNP rout. Tosh! It's totally their own fault 

The Conservatives have got some things wrong during this election campaign, but their stance on Scotland is definitely not one of them, according to STEPHEN GLOVER.

SARAH VINE: Sturgeon's wrong but I do admire her 

Everything about SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon (pictured) says makes my blood boil, and yet there is something about the woman that I find utterly compelling, writes SARAH VINE.

The pottiest and costliest mistake of our times: Forget his tax and spend plans. Red Ed's climate change law in the Brown years will cost £50,000 per home, says CHRISTOPHER BOOKER

In 2008, it was Miliband who was responsible for pushing through the final version of the Climate Change Act - easily the most costly law passed by Parliament, writes CHRISTOPHER BOOKER.

Two phonies fighting to be the most mockney: QUENTIN LETTS is frozen in fascination as he witnesses a Leftie love-in

Ed Miliband went on an amazing telly offensive last night - amazingly saccharine and yankeedoodle, that is. It was so sugary, I felt a little diabetic high coming on writes QUENTIN LETTS.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Mr Miliband, Russell Brand and a sick joke

In what must be a new low for British politics, Ed Miliband interviewed by that seriously disturbed narcissist, exhibitionist, ex-drug addict and sick abuser of Andrew Sachs, Russell Brand.

DR MAX PEMBERTON: The crass horror of GPs phoning elderly patients to ask: are you ready to die? 

My qualified support for DNR orders does nothing to appease my profound concern about the latest guidelines from the NHS on their use, revealed in yesterday's Mail, writes DR MAX PEMBERTON.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Red Ed's politics of the banana republic 

The brutal truth is that Ed Miliband's latest policies on private landlords and stamp duty are crude socialist remedies which would do far more harm than good.

Heard of joined-up thinking, Cleggy? ANDREW PIERCE on the stories the spin doctors DON'T want you to read

Clegg has pledged £3.5 billion over the next Parliament to 'develop a clear approach on preventing mental illness' - but the Lib Dems still want to legalise cannabis, writes ANDREW PIERCE.


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