Johnson grants Gary McKinnon one small victory by extending review deadline

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon has been given an extension on his review deadline

Gary McKinnon won a small concession from Alan Johnson yesterday in his desperate fight to avoid extradition.

The Home Secretary had given the computer hacker's lawyers just seven days to lodge a case for judicial review of the decision not to stop him being sent for trial in the U.S.

But after being branded ' spineless' by MPs of all parties during an extraordinary Commons debate on

Gary's plight, Mr Johnson has extended the deadline by seven days.

Gary's solicitor Karen Todner said last night: 'This a grudging concession by the Home Secretary but, given the hostile reception he got from MPs of all parties in the Commons, he perhaps had little choice.

'All he has done is give Gary another seven days' grace but how can that be fair, when the normal period allowed for lodging an application for judicial review is three months?'

Gary, 43, hacked into NASA and Pentagon computers seeking evidence for UFOs and faces up to 60 years in a U.S. prison.

Psychiatrists warned that the Asperger's sufferer would kill himself rather than be extradited but Mr Johnson ignored their evidence, insisting he had no power to intervene.

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