Strawberry blonde proves the perfect match for Anne Robinson and her faithful companion

She is well known for taking pride in her appearance and Anne Robinson wasn't going to let the side down yesterday at the opening of her former husband's art gallery.   

And yet oddly enough the TV presenter's strawberry blonde highlights bore a striking similarity to the carefully groomed coat of her pet dog Ellie, who came along with her.

This was especially so when she was held up by her owner to pose for the cameras alongside Ms Robinson's daughter Emma Wilson.

Guests had been invited to bring their dogs along to the opening of The Dog Show exhibition in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, at the The Dollar Street Gallery.

Enlarge   John Penrose with Florence with Anne Robinson & Emma Wilson with Ellie

Gallery owner John Penrose, alongside Anne Robinson, his former wife, and her daughter Emma Wilson. Emma holds Ellie, Anne's dog while John cradles Florence

Anne Robinson Ex-Wife of The Gallery Owner John Penrose arrives with her dog Ellie

Smartly turned out with a brushed coat and red scarf, Ellie accompanies her owner, Anne

And so the Weakest Link host, 65, brought along Ellie, complete with red bow, to view the paintings of pooches.

Also at the opening of the gallery, housed in a four-storey building, was former colleague of Ms Robinson's the journalist James Whittaker.

The day before, Ms Robinson once again demonstrated that her assertive streak shows no sign of diminishing.

One of the highest earners on TV, she said women today should toughen up and demand higher wages.

The presenter - estimated to be worth £50million and earning around £3million annually - called upon women to stop feeling like victims and insist on being paid more.

Ms Robinson said as she attended the Women In Film And Television Awards: 'I just think women should get better at negotiating their pay. That's the most important thing.

'Because women would rather sit on the lavatory in public than ask for more money and that's why I think they mostly get left behind, because they're just not bossy enough. But I'm not a good role model because I'm a tough old bird.'

Speaking about the role of women in film and television, BBC1's Watchdog presenter said: 'I think the most important thing is if women would get tougher in the work place. I think women are still quite crushed.

'I sort of thought we marched all those years ago so women wouldn't feel like victims - and actually quite a lot of young women still do.'

Dame Helen Mirren was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony.
Robinson commended her as a role model to young actresses, as it can be hard for women to find roles as they get older.

She said: 'I'm not an actress, but as a viewer I would imagine that there's still a great dip between 33 and 60. I think even really skilled and talented actresses have a tough job as they get older. Where as even men have jobs into their 70s like Robert Redford.'

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