Cherie Blair (wife of the man who's banked £12m since leaving No.10): 'I'll never stop worrying about money'


Cherie Blair arrives for the Stephen Gately Memorial Service at the Palace Theatre on November 29

She and her husband have a property portfolio worth £12million, but Cherie Blair's hunger for money remains as strong as ever.

'It's nice to be comfortable, but I'll probably never ever stop worrying that I've got enough,' she reveals in an interview.

'We're all shaped by our background. Not having a pauper's funeral was my grandmother's utter obsession. It was an important part of being respectable.'

Mrs Blair, 55, pictured, has long played on her 'working- class' roots. She was raised in her grandmother Vera Booth's small three-bedroom terrace house in Crosby, Merseyside. Her mother Gale moved in there after splitting from Cherie's father Tony Booth, best known for playing the 'scouse git' in Till Death Do Us Part.

While money must have been relatively tight, some observers have previously pointed out that Crosby was actually quite 'genteel and middle-class' during the 1960s when Mrs Blair was a girl. In the interview with Tatler magazine, she says: 'In some ways it rather astonishes me that people think it's odd that I was concerned about making sure that I paid the bills.


Tony Blair's £3.65million home in Connaught Square, London. The couple also bought a mews house directly behind this property

'When my husband became a politician his income was fixed but, if we were going to have a nice holiday, it was going to have to come out of my income.' She adds: 'I'm conscious that my children come from a different background to me and Tony too, because although Tony was born comfortable, his father didn't come from that and lost everything when he was ten. They need to know that they're lucky. And by the way, I do think I'm lucky.'

Tony and Cherie Blair were criticised while in Number 10 for accepting cut-price holidays and freebie gifts. Mrs Blair memorably took part in a 'supermarket grab' when she seized 68 items worth £2,000 in an Australian shop in 2003.

The interview appears in Tatler's January edition, out on Thursday.


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