'It's a joke - the guy is about 80': Spurned lover whose ex fell for F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone speaks out

A young doctor says he was ‘stabbed in the back’ by his long-time girlfriend, who has left him for the 79-year-old Formula 1 tycoon Bernie Ecclestone.

The recently divorced billionaire began his romance with Fabiana Flosi, 33, a Sao Paulo lawyer and sports marketing executive, about two months ago after meeting her through her work for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Brazilian paediatrician Dr Fernando Nascimento, 35, claims that at the time she was still living with him. She began the affair behind his back, he says, and finally dumped him in early October when she told him she was moving to London to take a new ‘job’.


Fernando Nascimiento says he was 'stabbed in the back' when his longtime girlfriend Fabiana Flosi ran off with Bernie Ecclestone

The 6ft 3in physician says he was stunned when he learned of the affair through newspaper reports. ‘That just does not happen. The guy is almost 80, he is about 5ft tall. How can that be? It’s a joke, it’s unbelievable,’ he said.

‘We were both financially independent and had a great lifestyle together. We had been together for three years and we even talked about marriage and kids earlier this year.

‘We were sharing a bed until the day she left me. She simply ran away. She hadn’t told anybody [about Ecclestone]. She just took her clothes and left. I feel like she stabbed me in the back.’


Bernie Ecclestone, 79, is dating a woman 46 years his junior

A year ago, Mr Ecclestone underwent a similar upset when his wife Slavica, 50, told him she wanted a divorce.

She is understood to have complained that he was a workaholic. Their settlement is confidential but experts estimate that she will collect as much as £1billion.

Dr Nascimento began his own relationship with Fabiana after she ended a brief marriage. She moved into his apartment in Sao Paulo, he says, shared homes he owned in the country and accompanied him on foreign holidays.

He claims the only friction was over her work-related travel for the Grand Prix. ‘We did fight about her travelling – she would always be gone for half the month,’ he said. ‘But we were happy, we were building a great life together.

‘Then one day she mentioned she had an offer for a great job in London and said we had to split – just like that.’

Looking back, he said, he believes her attitude towards him changed about two months before their break-up after she returned from the Turkish F1 race. Ecclestone has said it was during the event that he became ‘a little closer’ to Fabiana, whom he knew professionally.

‘After that trip she came back different,’ said Dr Nascimento. ‘She came back cold.’

Fabiana accompanied Mr Ecclestone to the final F1 race of the season in Abu Dhabi last weekend, and then they flew to London.

Fabiana could not be reached for comment. But Mr Ecclestone confirmed: ‘We’re together. I’m very happy.’

Asked about Dr Nascimento’s allegations, he said: ‘I suppose if you’ve been together three years you do discuss marriage.

‘But she was never with him while she was with me. She left him before she was serious with me.’


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