DAVID HAYE v NIKOLAI VALUEV: Haye beats Valuev on points to become world champion

David Haye has beaten Nikolai Valuev to become WBA world heavyweight champion.

The South Londoner stuck to his plan from the start and beat Valuev on points after 12 stodgy rounds.

Read below for how the fight unfolded round-by-round...

David Haye

I've done it: David Haye taking Nikolai Valuev's world title

Now the tension builds up. How have the judges scored this? The experts are divided but agree that Valuev won't lose such an unspectacular fight in his home ring. HAye looks happy as do his fans. He's done so well but will it be enough? Haye is now posing like the champ.

Here come the scores: 114-114, 116-112, 116-112, in favour of Haye. He's the champion and tamed the beast. Haye is ecstatic and slips the belt on. His fans erupt. he must be the hardest Millwall fan in the world.

Round 12: Haye is behind in this fight and needs a big last round to win. It's not been a great spectacle  but could have a great ending for the Brit. It's still so cagey as neither man looks too scared to lose to try and win. Haye is still bobbing and and getting in some good hits. He's winning the last round and Haye is making sure everyone knows Valuev is missing. Valuev takes a smack on the chin and wobbles. Haye senses blood. Valuev is in trouble but it's too late. Seconds left and Haye conducts the crowd he's cure he's won.

Verdict: Haye's round but Valuev's fight.

Round 11: Haye might have to really go for it now. He's shown he can fight now he needs to close it out. But is he willing to undo all his good work and get hit with a big hit? Valuev has been nullified but not vexed or hurt. Haye has buzzed like a wasp but not stung often enough. They exchange blows again.

Verdict: Haye by a whisker.

Round 10: Haye is still looking like a child who is hoping to make a raid on the cookie jar that is being guarded by his mum. He wants this but knows he has to have a great plan to succeed. The pair exchange good shots but Valuev is in charge of this round. He's going to move two rounds clear with two to go.

Verdict: Valuev by a glove.

Round 9: The Russian's trainer sounds vexed at his 36-year-old charge with the 48-inch waistline. Haye must replicate the last round five times in a row if he is to win this. It's very close but there's no way the Brit will win on what he's done so far. Valuev is missing so often it's amazing even though he's hanging out his jaw as bait. Good right hand combo from Haye hurts the champ who swings at nothing in response. Another Haye hit. Good boy.

Verdict: Haye's yet again.


Have some of that:Valuev takes a hit from Haye

Round 8: It's still hit and run from Haye but this won't impress the judges. Ringside bookies now make Haye 2/1 to win this fight and Valuev 4/11 so it's going the Russian's way. Haye needs to launch something surprising to atone for his constant negativity. Valuev is breathing heavily and Haye is winning this round.

Verdict: Haye by a long way.

Round 7: We're over halfway now and the champion looks to be just ahead. But he's now shaking his shoulders so is he tired? The second half is going to be tough for Haye is this immense shadow who gets caught with a jab.  He gets caught again but retorts with a good combo.

Verdict: Valuev again.

Round 6: The Russian looks like he's going to try something different. He's starting to feint and Haye is breathing a bit heavily. Haye attacks and Valuev responds before the Brit slithers away like an eel. Great left hook from Haye catches the Russian who swings at air.

Verdict: Valuev - just.

Round 5: It's already gone further than I thought it would. It's not very exciting but absorbing. Haye could become on the seventh Brit to be world heavyweight champion - or wake up with one hell of a headache if a Valuev fist connects. Hayes lands a triple hit but he's not doing much else except dodge brilliantly. Valuev gets in a couple of his own and Haye and the Brit stoops in mockery.

David Haye (left) and Russia's Nikolai Valuev

Missed men: David Haye (left) avoids Russia's Nikolai Valuev

Verdict: Haye - just.

Round 4: I get the impression Valuev is saving himself for a salvo soon. Haye is weaving superbly but this is all energy he's using but is it impressing the judges in the champ's own back yard? Haye gets off the ropes so easily, Valuev shakes his head a lot. Haye's hands are down, almost inviting an attack.

Verdict: Valuev wins because he attacked more and landed a couple.

Round 3: Valuev is only throwing single punches and missing the quicker man. He may need to start sending three down in a row and landing a big one. Haye hurts the frustrated Valuev with a good cross but his best chance is to win this early. The Russian is a good long-distance boxer and is very fit.

Verdict: Haye again because he got more punches in.

Round 2: Haye's trainer Adam Booth tells his man to stay away from the ropes. But Valuev did not get a shot in during the first for all his menace. Haye gets in a left hook. The Russian looks a bit confused but gets a hit in. Haye seems to have a plan that might involve dodge, bob and weave then hit a dizzy man. Haye gets in a good combination that stings Valuev into a big jab.

Nikolai Valuev

I'm the champ: Russia's Nikolai Valuev with his belt

Verdict: Haye because he got more punches in.

Round 1: We're off at last. Valuev has never been knocked down. Will this be it? It looks silly. School bully Valuev is towering over the infant Brit and Haye is on the back foot already. Valuev is cagey and wants to use his jab.There's enough of the Russian to hit - but can he get close enough? Both men are looking at the goods on offer but don't want to buy anything just yet.

Verdict: Valuev wins it just.

David Haye

Here I am: David Haye gets ready to fight

10pm: The two men, accompanied by Don King, meet in the middle. Haye's in the red corner, Valuev in the blue. The referee gives them a few pointers. Like they need them.

9.55pm: The National anthems start. God Save Our Queen rings around the stadium. A great effort. The Russian anthem inspires as much as the sight of Valuev's belt being held high. He even sings it.

9.51pm: The roof is coming off. Valuev's emergence has been announced but his music is being sung live by a rock band - and they've cost a lot of money so we'll have to hear the whole song.

And here comes the huge Russian, the biggest champ in history. He looks even calmer than Haye who now his iPod on so he can ignore the rock music.

9.48pm: The 'Hitmaker' [as he is announced] saunters to the ring, jeers abounding, with 'Ain't no stoppin' us now' on the speakers. Nobody's ever given away a seven-stone deficit to win a fight before. There has to be a first time and Haye looks as cool as a cucumber with sunglasses on. He's loving it and is playing to his fans.

David Haye fan

Come on Davey: A Haye fan enjoys himself

9.47pm: Haye emerges from his dressing room, Union Jack shorts, poppy on his T-shirt. He looks nervous. He has reason as he's about to face up to a 7ft 2in giant.

9.45pm: There are 9,000 people shoehorned into the arena and not many of them have any time for Haye for his comments about 'their man' Valuev this week.

And rumour has it, he'll be left waiting five long minutes in the ring before the champion appears. Dirty tricks already starting.

So this is it...all the hype comes to an end as two men who weigh nearly 40 stone between them clash for a world title.

In the big corner is Brit David Haye, a Bermondsey boy from London, deep south, Millwall territory. He's got the looks, the titles already banked and the fact he's not scared to walk the streets of SE London late at night on his side.

The fact he's won 22 of his 23 fights - and all bar one of them by knockouts - is something else in his favour but those wins were almost all at cruiserweight and he's had to bulk up to take on Valuev who is a natural heavyweight.

valuev and haye

Do you really think I'm ugly? Nikolai Valuev wants the truth from David Haye

He won his only fight as a big 'un - against Monte Barrett last year - and but for a back injury would have fought Wladimir Klitschko for the WBF, IBO, IBF and Ring Magazine titles. I don't know what that last one is about either.

Instead, Klitschko fought and beat fellow Russia Ruslan Chagaev.

Haye weighs in at almost 16st and is a well-honed 6ft 3in. The only man to beat him was 40-year-old Carl Thompson - 'The Truth'  by any other name.

In the immense corner is the champ, Russian Nicolai Valuev, the 7ft 2in, 22-stone 'beast from the East'.

David Haye

Here's one I beat earlier: David Haye hammers Enzo Maccarinelli

He looks like the sort of creature you tell your children will come and eat them if they don't get straight to sleep.

But the 36-year-old from Leningrad comes across as a real gent, a decent chap and a genuine gentle giant who probably weeps whenever he watches The Bridges of Madison County rather than bites the heads off Rottweilers.

He's been dignified and humble in the build-up to this fight, insisting all along he's just going to let his fists do his talking.

valuev, chagaev

That's how it's done: Ruslan Chagaev beats Nikolai Valuev - literally

David however, has goaded Goliath by informing the world: 'He is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I have watched Lord of the Rings and films with strange looking people, but for a human being to look like he does is pretty shocking.'

You tell him Dave...

Valuev is not unbeatable. He's won 50 of his 52 fights (with one being a non-contest), his only defeat at the hands of 6ft 1in dwarf Chagaev in December 2007.

No more chat. Here come the pugilists. It's game on.

Anatoliy Tymoschuk

The A-list celebs start to arrive as Bayern Munich footballer Anatoliy Tymoschuk snuggles up to his wife Nedesha. No. I've never heard of him either...

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