Holy cow! Could this be a divine bovine, or is it just a cross-breed?

With Christmas nearly here, people's thoughts are naturally turning to religion more than at other times of the year.

So the arrival of a calf with what looks like a white cross on its forehead has created a mild sensation in a rural American backwater.

The mainly brown animal is half Jersey, half Holstein, and was born on a farm in Sterling, a small Connecticut town near the border with Rhode Island.



An expert at Wisconsin-Madison University says many Holsteins have white marks on their faces, but the cross shape is unique.

The calf's owner, Brad Davis, told local TV he thinks the marking may be a message from above, though he's still trying to work out what that message might be.

Local children, curiously, have named the animal Moses.

Following the calf’s birth on December 1, Davis admitted he hadn’t noticed the cross at first, but was stunned when he did. 

The 45-year-old said: ‘I almost fell over. I felt like I should be on my knees.’

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