Slap 20% tax on sugary drinks: Doctors demand drastic action to fight obesity crisis that is costing more than 70,000 lives every year

British Medical Association demand 20% tax on sugary drinks

In a landmark report the British Medical Association will urge Downing Street to take on the food industry. It found that poor diet costs the NHS £6billion a year while claiming 70,000 lives. The BMA's proposed levy on fizzy drinks would raise the price of a one-litre bottle of Coke from £1.50 to £1.80. Professor Sheila Hollins, who led the team behind the report, said: 'If a tax of at least 20 per cent is introduced, it could reduce the prevalence of obesity in the UK by around 180,000 people.'

Flights diverted at a cost of millions as demonstrators stage a lie in protest on Heathrow Airport's north runway in protest at expansion plan 

Heathrow flights diverted after climate change protesters stage a lie-in demo

A dozen members of direct action group Plane Stupid got on to the northern runway of Britain's busiest airport at 3.30am after cutting a hole in a fence. Some tied themselves together in pairs and grinned as they posed for selfies as police and airport staff tried to prise them apart and drag them off the Tarmac. One protester said they were campaigning against a third runway and would stay there for as long as possible. Heathrow is set to lose millions after it was forced to divert and cancel some flights this morning, police have said.

Crusading lawyer Michael Mansfield arrested over claim of domestic assault at a friend's party after neighbours heard shouting and screaming from the house 

The 73-year-old - who is said to have split from his second wife recently - spent much of yesterday in police custody being questioned over the alleged attack.

More cash for drones and SAS to tackle ISIS: Cameron orders top brass to restructure Armed Forces to focus on countering extremists 

Britain's cyber-warfare capabilities will also be boosted in the revamp, which reflects concerns that the Forces are too focused on conventional fighting involving tanks and infantry.

'Please enter your PIN into Sally': Barclays accused of patronising customers by giving NAMES to its cash machines

The machines - dubbed 'Assisted Service Counters' - have name plaques, with a list of transactions they can help with underneath. Barclays is testing out this tactic at five of its branches.

One in four watching porn are women: Smartphones and 50 Shades of Grey said to be fuelling rise in popularity

A new survey has revealed that more young women than ever are watching pornography, and are most likely to do so on their smartphone. Women are most likely to watch porn on a Monday.


Carole and Pippa are given starring roles in series of royal baby books on sale at the Buckingham Palace gift shop

Carole and Pippa Middleton given starring roles in series of royal baby books

Carole (left), Michael and Pippa Middleton - but not her brother James - all have star turns in the Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby! series, on sale in the Buckingham Palace gift shop for £6.99 each. The Duchess of Cambridge's family join the royals (pictured top) to organise Prince George's first birthday party in Happy Birthday, Royal Baby! Wielding a to-do list, Pippa is seen announcing: 'Everything needs to be perfect for the Royal Baby's celebrations' (bottom right). Middleton matriarch Carole - wearing the same floral-print dress she wore to visit George for the first time in hospital - is shown in a headset ordering the 'royal balloon blower' to use 'More puff! More puff! (bottom left). Grandfather Michael, meanwhile, can be seen trying out George's bouncy castle in the palace garden. The only missing Middleton is Kate's bearded brother, James, who runs a business selling personalised marshmallows and fails to get a single mention.

Viva Espana! Thousands of British families turn to Spain for their holidays to avoid turmoil in Tunisia and Greece 

Some 300,000 Britons who had been planning to visit Tunisia have been left to look for alternatives, after the Government advised against travelling there following the recent terror attack.

Blue is the colour when it comes to cars: Shade overtakes silver to become most popular among drivers looking to buy a new vehicle 

The survey results by AA Cars emerge from an AA Populus poll of 25,810 drivers, asking what colour they would choose for their next car.

Chelsea pensioner convicted of sex assault on drunk woman, 29, in his room is kicked out of the Royal Hospital 

Patrick Noel Teegan, 72, was wearing his ceremonial scarlet uniform when he met the 29-year-old fundraising executive in the hospital's club.

Hot weather DOESN'T mean you have to get the hosepipe out: Your lawn might be brown but don't worry, say experts

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) said it has had more calls about damage to plants in the warm weather in the past 30 days than in the whole of last year - but says gardeners shouldn't worry.

Violent attacks on pensioners have risen by three-quarters: 14,000 attacks reported to police over the past five years 

An investigation has found that between 2010 and 2014 there was an average rise of 1,500 assaults each year against people aged 65 and over - despite violent crime falling during the period.

Nearly half of female soldiers are harassed: 40% say they have received comments about their looks or sexuality

Chief General Sir Nick Carter said that female soldiers are facing a 'totally unacceptable' level of harassment and that he was 'disappointed' by the figures from the Army-commissioned survey.

Most Britons 'harmed by drunken antics': The majority of Brits have been harassed, insulted, annoyed or kept awake by drunks

A new report has revealed the the extent of alcohol harm in Britain has been underestimated - and everyone is paying the price. Common 'harms' include being harassed or insulted in the street.

Secrets we keep for 15 years: Three in five people have something they dread their friends and family finding out about 

Millions of us have a skeleton in our closet, according to research, ranging from affairs through to secret children. More common secrets include debts, tattoos or internet histories.

How former Cheltenham Ladies' college pupil 'earned £8million' helping Greece join the euro while working at Goldman Sachs 

Ex-Cheltenham Ladies' pupil 'earned £8m' helping Greece join euro at Goldman Sachs

Miss Loudiadis, 52, was a pupil at the famous Gloucestershire public school back in the Seventies (other old girls include the actress Kristin Scott Thomas and fashion designer Katharine Hamnett) before going on to study maths at Oxford University and pursuing a stellar career in banking. Today, Miss Loudiadis - who is known as Addy - lives in a five-storey stucco-fronted house in West London with her partner and two children and is listed as a financial supporter of Sadler's Wells dance theatre. She has many admirers in the City. 'Addy is a consummate professional,' said a colleague. 'She is smart, thoughtful and highly valued.' The colleague could have also used another adjective: controversial.

Tories are trying to diminish us, claims BBC boss: Director General says party are trying to downsize corporation for their 'own narrow interests' ahead of consultation

Culture Secretary John Whittingdale is set to begin a 'root and branch' consultation, which will examine whether to scrap the licence fee, axe the BBC's governing trust and cut back online activities.

Tax grab 'undermines Magna Carta': New HMRC powers to raid accounts and ISAs 'would cut out legal process' 

The measure, unveiled in the Budget, will give HMRC the power to freeze all but £5000 of an individual's or firm's assets even if the authorities simply believe someone 'appears' to owe tax.

Operation Stop Corbyn: Labour elite joins forces to sabotage hard-left MP after surge in support sees him into second place 

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

Senior figures are pressurising local Labour branches not to declare their support for Jeremy Corbyn. From acting leader Harriet Harman down they have warned about electing him leader.

How women are the real winners of Osborne's living wage: 65% will see an increase on pay while eight in ten who benefit are from outside London

On a visit to Macclesfield, Cheshire, Mr Osborne will say that 'it's right that, with more women in the workplace than ever, we do all we can to support them'.

Pupils should stand when teachers enter the room and call them 'Sir' or 'Miss', says chief inspector of schools 

Sir Michael Wilshaw, executive principal at the Mossbourne Academy, Hackney, today. A high achieving school in one of London's most deprived boroughs. 

Sir Michael Wilshaw said he was dismayed by behaviour in some schools and called for 'grammar school ethos' in every comprehensive, with teachers banned for calling pupils 'mate'.

British Muslim parents must challenge mosques who refuse to condemn ISIS attacks, says Sajid Javid

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX Shutterstock (4900806e)
 Business Secretary Sajid Javid arrives at the BBC Broadcasting House
 The Andrew Marr Show, London, Britain - 12 Jul 2015

The Business Secretary, the most senior elected Muslim in the UK, warned that 'non-violent extremists' were making it easier for terrorists to recruit British children to their cause

Finally, some advice that could save your marriage: How the experts say you should stack the dishwasher

How to stack the dishwasher according to Tetris experts at Bosch

It has been the cause of many a family row, but a home appliance company has come up with a way to eliminate fights over how to stack the dishwasher. In order to bring peace to the kitchens of Britain, Bosch has launched a Tetris-style dishwasher loading game . Appliance manufacturers are now looking for ways that their dishwashers can become the solution rather than the cause of fights, according to the Sunday Times.

How ultrasound helps wound heal THREE TIMES faster: Sound waves can even heal injuries that would otherwise lead to amputation 

The high frequency soundwaves - commonly used to scan pregnant women - have been found to stimulate the body's natural healing process in wounds.

How diesel fumes give city dwellers old people's skin: Particles from engines make skin come out in blotches 

Professor Jean Krutmann, of Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine in Dusseldorf, analysed the effects of pollution in five studies - two in Germany and three in China.

Clarifications and corrections 

Clarifications and corrections

Cheap and easy 'toothpaste' test that spots risk of stroke and heart attack by spotting danger areas in the arteries 

Scientists claim the technique, which users sodium fluoride tagged with radioactive tracer, will transform the way doctors are able to identify patients at risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Fears elderly women are putting themselves at risk of breast cancer after half cannot name another symptom apart from a lump 

A third of those diagnosed with the disease - around 13,400 -  are aged over 70 and every day it kills around 15 of those women.
While one in three have reported a symptom other than a lump.

King Novak! Djokovic beats Roger Federer in dramatic Wimbledon final for second successive year in front of a star-studded crowd

Novak Djokovic beats Roger Federer in dramatic Wimbledon 2015 Final

Novak Djokovic (right) was crowned Wimbledon champion today for the third time, beating Roger Federer (inset) in a nail-biting final. The Serbian 28-year-old soared to victory for the second year running following a four-set thriller. He screamed in delight and pumped his arms after winning his first match point, before eating some of the hallowed Centre Court grass. The World Number One sealed the win - his ninth grand slam title - in the fourth set of the game, with the match ending 7-6, 6-7, 6-4 and 6-3. The players were welcomed on to Centre Court with roaring applause from the crowd which included Pippa Middleton (top left), Helena Bonham Carter (second from top left), Benedict Cumberbatch (bottom left) and Kate Winslet (second from bottom left).

Ex-Chancellor Nigel Lawson urges Cameron to kill eurozone as Greece teeters on the brink (AGAIN) 

Nigel Lawson has called on the Prime Minister to 'seize the opportunity' of the crisis and push for the dismantling of the eurozone as Greece and EU finance ministers hold crunch talk in Brussels.

Now he's George the Builder! Osborne promises 500,000 more homes and makes it easier to build an extension

George the Builder

The Chancellor will today order sweeping reforms of the planning system, including allowing ministers to take over planning authorities in areas that refuse to meet targets for house building.

Veteran left-winger Jeremy Corbyn in SECOND place in race to get Labour party branches to back him for leader

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

The latest returns from constituency branches of the party around the country show Mr Corbyn is now in second place, hot on the heels of leadership favourite Andy Burnham.

Half a million homes and thousands of miles of new roads key to making UK more productive, says Osborne

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

The Chancellor will unveil a Productivity Plan to tackle low levels of output productivity which he blames on the fact 'we don't train enough or build enough or invest enough'.

Every child should take the citizenship test to prove they understand British values as well as immigrants, says Labour

Labour Party Annual Conference at Manchester Central. - 
Shadow sec. of state for Education Tristram Hunt MP
Pic Bruce Adams / Copy Lobby - 21/9/14

Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt called for a 'proper National baccalaureate qualification' in which all pupils are tested on British history and values before leaving school.

Just don't let him hug you TOO tightly! Parents let their two-year-old daughter kiss and cuddle Austin the 15ft Burmese python - despite the fact he could swallow her whole 

Parents let daughter aged two kiss and cuddle 15ft Burmese python

Two-year-old Alisha-Mae loves to have a cuddle the 13 stone Burmese python, one of 19 snakes owned by her parents Rob Cowan and his fiancée Stacey (pictured top left) at their home in Bradford. Burmese pythons, which squeeze their victims to death before eating them whole, have been pictured in the wild swallowing pigs, deer and even alligators.

Young mother, 25, with just weeks to live is preparing to wed just months after stunning doctors by giving birth to a son 

Annie Marston, from Walsall, gave birth to her son just a week after doctors discovered a tumour on her cervix - and her cancer has now spread.

Football legend Jimmy Greaves has walked his first steps as he battles back from a severe stroke

With the help of a Zimmer frame, England football legend Jimmy Greaves, 75, has taken his first steps since he was struck down by a severe stroke in May.

Family's fury as mum left at crash scene by police for three days dies: Brother says relatives feel 'hearts have been ripped out' by officers blunder 

Lamara Bell, 25, has died in hospital a week after crashing off the M9 near Bannockburn, Stirlingshire. Police Scotland took three days to respond to the crash despite it being reported.

Facebook user is forced to change name by deed poll to match her 'ridiculous' online name after being locked out of account 

Jemma Rogers, 30, from London, has changed her name to Jemmaroid Von Laalaa by deed poll, after Facebook locked her out of her account because she couldn't prove the pseudonym was real.

Senior nurse is arrested and major investigation launched after 80 bottles of morphine are tampered with at a hospital 

A former Army medic named locally as David Bamford, 46, was arrested at Emersons Green Treatment Centre in Bristol after the bottles were opened and resealed.

Thomas Cook pays £8,500 to four British holidaymakers after man fell so ill at Turkish resort he was bedridden for days and unfit to fly home

Keith Jennings, from Liverpool, travelled to the Sentido Perissia resort with his wife and two friends, and was struck down with severe stomach pains and diarrhoea a few days after they arrived.

Fast and Furious comes to Morrisons: How two supercars worth a combined £350,000 spectacularly crashed on SAME NIGHT on streets of small Essex town

Lamborghini and Bentley crash on the same night in Grays, Essex

The metallic gold Lamborghini Gallardo (right) ploughed into a blue Bentley Continental GT (top left) in Grays, Essex, after it started spinning out of control at about 2am this morning. The stolen sports car then careered through a small wooden fence at the Morrison's car park on Hogg Lane before coming to a stop in the hedgerow with little more than a damaged rear bumper (bottom left), while the Bentley was left with a smashed front grill. Daniel Patch, 36, who lives nearby and called 999, heard the cars roaring down the road and was watching as the Lamborghini came spinning round the corner on what he says was a 'greasy' stretch of road after it had been raining. Essex Police say a 21-year-old man, from London, who was behind the wheel of the Lamborghini, has been arrested on suspicion of taking a motor vehicle without the owner's consent.

Pensioner arrested on suspicion of murder after two more residents die following arson attack on hospice 

Twenty-three elderly residents, some terminally ill, and nine staff were evacuated from St Michael's Hospice, in St Leonards, East Sussex following an arson which left three patients dead.

Cold-calling cowboy roofer who conned vulnerable elderly residents out of £26,000 is jailed for eight months 

'Cowboy' roofer John Gray, 27, was jailed for eight months after cheating pensioners out of more than £26,000 across East and West Sussex, with a cold-calling campaign to sell 'special' roof paint.

Police arrest man, 28, who 'tried to sell three-month-old baby in a pram in a shopping arcade'

Police launched a manhunt this afternoon after the 28-year-old allegedly approached three different people in Manchester city centre offering to give up the child.

Pictured: Father-of-two 'in wrong place at wrong time' who was machine-gunned down in drive-by shooting outside London bakery

Erdogan Guzel was pronounced dead at the scene after his killer opened fire from inside a car in Wood Green, north London. Police believe he was not the intended target of the shooting

Senior nurse is arrested and major investigation launched after 80 bottles of morphine are tampered with at a hospital 

A former Army medic named locally as David Bamford, 46, was arrested at Emersons Green Treatment Centre in Bristol after the bottles were opened and resealed.

The sloe route to success! Farmer spends two years converting run-down hen house into wooden gin distillery - complete with piano bar - to win Shed of the Year

Wooden gin distillery created from run down hen house wins Shed of the Year

Walter Micklethwait, 36, used recycled parts from an old dismantled railway station to build the fully functioning distillery (pictured bottom right) in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands with the help of his girlfriend Lizzy Westman (pictured together top right). It boasts a Wild West-themed saloon bar, a velour-upholstered piano bar and a farm shop which sells hand carved items, vintage clothing, eggs and other produce. Mr Micklethwait's pride and joy saw off 2,520 rivals with runners-up including a floating beach hut, alpine hut, corrugated cottage and an eco shed. He scooped a £1,000 cash prize along with a giant crown and winner's plaque for his shed.

Workmen are forced to dig up paving stones laid as part of major train station revamp - because they were the wrong colour

The new slabs were designed to make life easier for pedestrians walking to and from Brighton station in East Sussex but have only caused further disruption to the huge project.

Now father of 31-year-old found dead in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool is set to sue the star for compensation 

The father of Stuart Lubbock is set to seek compensation from Michael Barrymore for alleged negligence by failing to protect his son while he was at his home in Roydon, Hertfordshire.

Millions of pounds of British aid money goes to Chinese handbag retailer, Indian pop radio stations and one of the world's biggest food firms

The Government's international development arm has come under fire for investing millions of pounds of aid money in a Chinese handbag retailer, Nestle India and radio stations.

Summer ends with a bang! Britain hit by bolts of lightning as glorious weather stops with grey skies on the way this week 

A late-night thunderstorm over the south coast saw odd-shaped mammatus clouds to form over Dorset and Hampshire before huge lightning bolts filled the skies as the heatwave made way for grey skies.

Church of England brings back powers to defrock vicars guilty of sex abuse and other crimes 

The punishment of expulsion from the priesthood is to be reinstated as a show of the Archbishop of Canterbury's (pictured) determination to stamp out child abuse.

Queen could get 'millions' to soundproof Windsor Castle from the noise of flights from expanded Heathrow

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and her husband Prince Philip, watch a Royal Air Force flypast to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain from a balcony at Buckingham Palace, in London, Friday, July 10, 2015. On July 10, 1940, during World War II, the Battle of Britain began as the Luftwaffe started attacking southern England.  (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

It is claimed that the Queen could be one of the main beneficiaries of a fund to curb the noise of flights over the 900-year-old castle where she spends her weekends.

Did your ancestors own slaves? New investigation reveals how 46,000 Brits were involved in the evil trade

University College London has compiled a database showing the 46,000 Britons who received compensation worth £20million, which was paid out when slavery was abolished.

Selfie queen Karen Danczuk 'asked a friend to organise a honeytrap plot with a lap dancer to catch out her MP husband'

Karen, a former councillor, was apparently so desperate for an excuse to leave her 'loveless' marriage, she tried to hatch a honeytrap plot involving a Liverpudlian lap dancer, a friend said.

This stunning flat is hidden INSIDE the former clock tower at St Pancras Station and it's available to rent by the week 

Flat hidden INSIDE former clock tower at St Pancras Station available to rent

The two-bedroom apartment has a 10-metre high ceiling and still contains many of its original 19th century features including wooden beams and an iron staircase. The fifth-floor flat, which offers spectacular views of London, is listed on airbnb and a stay costs £150 for a night. The property forms part of what was once the Midland Grand Hotel, an exclusive establishment designed by renowned architect Sir George Gilbert Scott. In 1996, the music video for the Spice Girls' debut hit Wannabe was filmed in the entrance and main staircase of the building.

I'm getting cold feet about my dip: Charlotte the penguin is so terrified of water she has to be taught to swim by her zoo keeper 

The young bird refuses to get in the penguin pool with the rest of her colony and is now having one-on-one swimming lessons at Birdland Park & Gardens in Gloucestershire to conquer her fear.

Now this'll clean you out! 24-Carat gold vacuum cleaner is world's most expensive at £800,000 

The cleaning appliance is described as 'ideal for red carpets, yacht decks and stretched-limousines' and comes with a certificate of authenticity for anyone rich enough to purchase it

The ultimate his 'n' hers motors: first and last ever Bugatti Veyrons go up for sale and they are yours for just £3.5million 

The two cars, which are being sold by a mulit-millionaire super car fan at an auction in California next month, both have 1,000 bhp and can for from 0 to 60 mph in just three seconds.

Come on in, the water's... somewhere: Thousands of Chinese tourists cram into the world's most packed swimming pool

It appears everybody followed orders when someone shouted 'everybody into the pool' at China's 'Dead Sea' water park. Up to 10,000 packed the pool during a spell of high temperatures.

Incredible London penthouse which was home to Rihanna and Tom Cruise goes up for sale for £35million with its own gym, Jacuzzi, cinema and therapy room 

The luxury apartment, situated next to Hyde Park, is one of the capital's largest with six bedrooms - one boasting its own Jacuzzi - as well as a gym, music room, cinema and even a therapy room.

Greece caves in: Athens 'accepts a raft of demands from its EU creditors' in urgent bid to secure deal to avoid banks meltdown - but tense talks go on into the night 

EU agree on Greek bailout after Athens agrees to 'serious economic reforms'

The marathon discussions continue in Brussels as Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras appears keen to agree a deal by the end of the evening. The talks are now halfway through the four page draft resolution, which includes a new bailout resolution figure set for between 82 and 86 billion euros. After longstanding resistance to reform, Greece looks set to concede to pressure from European creditors, accepting a significant number of reforms. The last notable item which will be discussed in the draft includes a 'time out from the euro area', an alternative plan whereby Greece would temporary leave the euro area.

Malala Yousafzai calls on the world to stop failing the people of Syria as she marks her 18th birthday by opening girls' school 

The youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize told world leaders they are 'failing' Syria's children, as she celebrated her 18th birthday. She described the refugee crisis as a 'heartbreaking tragedy'.

Pope Francis takes his message to squatters in Paraguay slum after railing against corruption as the 'gangrene of society'

During his visit to Paraguay, Francis called corruption the plague and gangrene of society and said putting a roof over children's heads and giving them health and education were important.

More than 1million people evacuated as Typhoon Chan-hom smashes into eastern China with waves bigger than six-storey buildings

Pedestrians brave strong wind and heavy rain caused by Typhoon Chan-hom on a road in Shanghai, China on July 11, 2015.\nTyphoon Chan-hom hit the Chinese coast south of Shanghai on Saturday, July 11, 2015, with winds of up to 160 kilometres per hour, as nearly one million people were evacuated and hundreds of airline flights canceled, state television reported. The storm made landfall in Zhoushan, a city just east of the port of Ningbo in Zhejiang province, China Central Television reported. There was no word of injuries, but the broadcaster showed its reporter standing in knee-deep water in a flooded street. More than 960,000 people were evacuated from coastal areas ahead of the storm, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. The provincial flood control bureau said 28,764 ships had been ordered back to port by late Friday. The national weather service said earlier the typhoon might be the strongest to strike China since the communist government took power in 1949. It initially was d

Giant waves come crashing in over Shanghai in the wake of Super Typhoon Chan-hom, which hit the Chinese coast south of Shanghai on Saturday with winds of up to 101mph.

The Earth erupts! Spectacular pictures show THREE volcanoes ablaze in Mexico, Chile and Indonesia while a fourth rumbles away

KARO, INDONESIA - JULY 05: Mount Sinabung volcano eruption seen at the danger zone area on July 05, 2015 in Karo, Indonesia.\nMore than 10,000 people from 12 villages, who are living around the slopes of Mount Sinabung, left their homes and moved to refugee camps, local media reported.\nPHOTOGRAPH BY Jefta Images / Barcroft Media\nUK Office, London.\nT +44 845 370 2233\nW\nUSA Office, New York City.\nT +1 212 796 2458\nW\nIndian Office, Delhi.\nT +91 11 4053 2429\nW

Hundreds of people have been forced to flee from their villages located at the foot of the Colima Volcano in western Mexico's Colima State, following an eruption this weekend.

Tunisian beach killer who slaughtered 30 British tourists and Jihadi John 'trained at the SAME ISIS terror camp in Libya'

Undated handout screengrab taken from the SITE Intelligence Group website purporting to show the Tunisian hotel gunman Seifeddine Rezgui.  PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Saturday June 27, 2015. The Kalashnikov-wielding student targeted Western tourists as he waged a campaign of terror in the popular resort of Sousse. See PA story POLICE Tunisia. Photo credit should read: SITE Intelligence Group/PA Wire..NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used in for editorial reporting purposes for the contemporaneous illustration of events, things or the people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption. Reuse of the picture may require further permission from the copyright holder.

Seifeddine Rezgui, 23, who slaughtered 38 people at a beach resort in Sousse, Tunisia, last month, trained at an ISIS camp in Sabratha, Libya, alongside Jihadi John.

Hooded and shackled: 100 Chinese Muslims who were 'plotting to join ISIS in Syria' are deported from Thailand

The Chinese government claims more than 100 minority Muslim Uighurs who were sent back from Thailand to China after fleeing the country were on their way to wage jihad in the Middle East.



If Karen Danczuk and Sally Bercow are such independent women, why do they feed off their husbands' names, asks DOMINIC LAWSON

The women, both of whom are married to prominent MPs, well understand the benefit of using their husbands' surnames in the public eye, writes DOMINIC LAWSON.

Turning this hero into a racist is an epic blunder: As To Kill A Mockingbird author's new novel reveals a disturbing twist, one life-long fan has a warning 

The much-hyped second novel of Harper Lee, the Pulitzer prize-winning author of To Kill a Mockingbird, is to be published tomorrow. But the transformation of Atticus Finch is a shock to EMILY RHODES.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Stand up for decency and respect in school

Not since the 1990s has a Chief Inspector of Schools - this time Sir Michael Wilshaw - spoken such robust common sense about the way to improve faltering education standards.

ANDREW PIERCE: Leftie Jeremy Corbyn gets a tax boost from George Osborne 

The veteran socialist (pictured) has established two limited companies which could benefit from the Chancellor's policy of cutting the tax bill of the country's businesses.