'Cameron cutie' Liz Truss versus 'Turnip Taliban' chief Sir Jeremy Bagge

Liz Truss arrives at Swaffham Assembly Rooms in Norfolk where she avoided deselection

Liz Truss arrives at Swaffham Assembly Rooms in Norfolk where she avoided deselection

While reporting on the attempts by local Conservatives to deselect 'Cameron cutie' Liz Truss, Jeremy Paxman's ferrety Newsnight colleague, Michael Crick, paid a visit to 'Turnip Taliban' chief Sir Jeremy Bagge's 1,200-acre estate.

Crick blabbed on air: 'By the way, Sir Jeremy was expressing some disappointment that you weren't up here in Norfolk covering this story . . . because he talks fondly of the time you were up here in Norfolk shooting with him on one occasion. .. Anyway, moving on. . .' Cue nervous laughter from nob-friendly Paxman, who has also roosted at Sandringham with Turnip Taliban grandee the Prince of Wales.

Neil Kinnock spoke well in Southwark Cathedral about the life of his friend, Sir John Mortimer, who died in January.

Meanwhile, far-from-shy Australian novelist Kathy Lette, 51, who wept copiously during the proceedings, recovered sufficiently to pose saucily for the paparazzi outside the cathedral.

The wife of human rights barrister Geoffrey Robertson QC, joke-cracking Kathy was a source of amusement to Sir John in his final days.

Friends of Lady Antonia Fraser's fragrant, twice-married daughter, Flora, 50, a historical biographer, are obviously sad that her marriage to brusque New York financier Peter Soros, 52, nephew of sterling-dumping billionaire George Soros, appears to be over, but one of them says: 'I can't say I'm surprised. Peter swore more than her late stepfather, Harold Pinter, you know.'

Reminiscing about his hectic, 1990s life, ginger-haired disc jockey Chris Evans, 43, Terry Wogan's successor on Radio 2, says in an interview that we assumed wrongly he took drugs.

'Everyone was convinced I was taking cocaine. Private Eye alluded to it. I didn't care. I thought it was quite funny. But everyone else was on cocaine . . . Everyone! Gentlemen, actors! I'd go to the Groucho Club and I'd be cold-shouldered while they were all in the billiard room getting hammered.'

Poor, misunderstood mite!

The ashes of TV presenter Sir Ludovic Kennedy, who died last month aged 89, have been scattered at sea, reports The Oldie.

As a former naval officer, 'Ludo' had wanted to be buried at sea.

But the demands made by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs nowadays makes that practically impossible.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations has been meeting in Rome to discuss world poverty and hunger.

Although there has been anger in the past about the lavish menus offered to delegates, they're hardly starving this time.

They have been seen tucking into Catalan-style lobster, pumpkin ravioli in prawn sauce, salt baked sea bass and fruits of the forest in the upmarket ristorante on Rome's swanky Via Vento. Bon appetito!

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