Heartbroken Elen Rives reveals she's still in love with Frank Lampard as he strikes up relationship with Bleakley

The former fiancée of England footballer Frank Lampard has admitted that she is still in love with the star and hopes to reconcile with him - despite his new romance with Christine Bleakley.

Elen Rives, the mother of the midfielder’s two daughters, was out of the country as the news broke of Lampard’s romance with the brunette.

But in a revealing new interview, the former model said she hoped that it was 'not true' as she confessed: 'I’m not over Frank. We were together for seven years and the kids look like him, so I’m reminded every day. It’s impossible.'

Frank Lampard and Elen Rives

Elen Rives, pictured  with Frank Lampard in 2007 before their split, has revealed she is still in love with the England footballer

Miss Rives, 34, is now living with her daughters, Luna, four, and two-year-old Isla, in a six-bedroom house that Lampard has bought for £2.85 million overlooking Chelsea Harbour.

But she revealed her devastation at her break-up with the £120,000-a-week Chelsea footballer player and admitted she was struggling with life as a single mother.

The couple, who were engaged to be married, split nine months ago and Miss Rives revealed that she had been clinging on to the hopes of a reconciliation, saying: 'Maybe we’ll get back together, I hope we will.'

Christine Bleakley
Frank Lampard

New flame Christine Bleakley seen on Monday on her way to meet the sportsman and (r) Frank arrives back at his London home yesterday

The heartbroken Spanish blonde called off the wedding in February after Lampard was linked to two other women and made it clear that she was devastated as she said: 'I was very, very sad. He totally broke my heart, I just cried.'

Miss Rives said that she could not face starting another relationship, saying: 'It wouldn’t be fair of me to start a new relationship when I still think about him.'

And she insisted that she would never date another footballer, adding: 'No, no, no. I have been asked out on dates, of course, but I say no to everybody.'

Enlarge   Frank Lampard

Christine had a date with Lampard last week - and his reflection could be seen in the glass door as she left the club

Speaking about the new house that Lampard, 31, has brought for her and the children, Miss Rives told of her difficulties of facing life as a single mother.

She admitted that she is struggling, as she said: 'Frank supports the kids, but I have to work. Obviously, he gave me the house, but the rest I have to do myself.

'It’s hard being a single mum. I feel lonely sometimes. I feel angry, but I have to be strong. I have moments when I want to cry and hide away, but my kids and friends get me through.'

Miss Rives told Grazia magazine that she is trying to rebuild her life and career and has reinvented herself as a lingerie designer, launching a new collection for Tesco.

She said: 'It’s not about showing everyone I’m OK, but I’ve got more time on my hands now that my kids are at school. I need to work and it’s a nice thing to do as a woman.'

After receiving negative press coverage about their split, Lampard defended himself during a phone interview on London's LBC in April, pointing out that Rives had ended their relationship.

He told host James O'Brien: 'I hope one day that your wife or your girlfriend doesn’t come to you and say I don’t want to be with you any more and unfortunately that means you won't see the kids for a few days a week.

'That will hurt with you as well but you’d have to deal with it... it’s breaking my heart, do you think I’m happy?'

Miss Bleakley, 30, who had been coy about the romance left Lampard’s Chelsea home just after 2am yesterday morning after they attended a Beyonce Knowles concert at the O2 Arena several hours earlier.

She confirmed the relationship, telling the Mail: 'Well, when you start seeing someone and it’s early days, you need to get to know them a bit before you come out and say you’re dating.'

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