VIDEO SPECIAL: David Haye knocked out by a tiler who now considers himself 'the groutest'

David Haye discovered just how painful a night on the tiles can be when he took on Jimmy Twite.

World heavyweight champion Haye managed to go 12 rounds against 7ft Russian Nikolai Valuev without a glove being landed on him.

VIDEO: Watch his right, watch his right ... you forgot to watch his left

But when he stepped into the ring with tiler Twite in an amateur bout ten years ago, a haymaker sent the future champ crashing to the canvas in less than a minute of their National Amateur Boxing light-heavyweight semi-final at Bethnal Green.

And while most of us wince in pain when a tiler gives you his bill, Haye was left wobbly-legged and dazed by Twite's left-hander and was counted out.

Haye and Twite

What hit me? David Haye has just walked into Jimmy Twite's left hand

It's a story Twite will be able to dine out on for years and the 37-year-old has insisted: 'I am the groutest.'

Twite was eight years Haye's senior in 1999 but never made a living out of the sport despite having plenty of power in those fists and turning pro soon after the Haye fight.

Instead, he had quit boxing within two years because he could make more cash tiling, but he will never forget the night he floored Bermondsey boy Haye.

England's David Haye
Jimmy Twite

Tools of the trade: David Haye with his world title belt and Jimmy Twite with a grout spreader and spirit level

Twite said: 'He was arrogant and cocky back then and needed taking down a peg or two. He had no respect and had even told his friends he would knock me out in two rounds.

'But I proved him wrong. He was darting around the ring in his trademark style but I caught him with a cracking left hook in 58 seconds.

'It was all over after that punch. He hit the deck and the ref counted him out. I was the better man that night. But you could tell that he had star quality. Since he's gone on to greatness I'm one of his biggest fans.

haye and valuev

Millwall 1 Russia 0: Bermondsey Boy David Haye flattens Nikolai Valuev's nose

'There will be bigger things to come for him because he's an explosive fighter. But I'm a great tile grouter. We all find our way in life.'

Twite, from Coventry, added in The Sun: 'It was fantastic seeing Haye against Valuev. He's come from being knocked out by me to becoming world champion. Fighting someone that size would've given me nightmares.'

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