Hair dye nightmare leaves woman's face swollen and covered in blisters

A woman's face swelled up and erupted into painful blisters after she used a popular hair dye in preparation for a party.

Rachel Bulmer, 27, used the £5 colourant by L'Oreal, a brand advertised by X Factor judge Cheryl Cole, and said she was left in so much pain that: 'I thought I was dying'.

Rachel, from Leeds, said she took an allergy test two days before dying her hair, which proved negative.

Enlarge   Before and after: Rachel Bulmer was left with peeling skin and hair-loss after using the L'Oreal hair-dye

Before and after: Rachel Bulmer was left with peeling skin and hair-loss after using the L'Oreal hair-dye

But when she dyed her whole head of hair blisters started to appear and the pain was intense.

She said she has been left a 'prisoner in her own home' by the effects of the chemicals.

She said: 'It's nearly three weeks since I dyed my hair and I'm still in absolute agony.

'I definitely don't feel as glamorous as Cheryl, I feel disgusting, because  I've got scabs on my head and burns on my skin.

Cheryl Cole, currently a judge in X Factor
Cheryl Cole, currently a judge on X-Factor, advertises L'Oreal hair-dye (file pictures)

Cheryl Cole, currently a judge on X-Factor, advertises for L'Oreal (file pictures)

'I'm too ashamed to go out because I have to smear myself in cream to cool my  skin and I can't stop scratching. I feel like I'm a prisoner in my own home.

'I was in that much pain I thought I was dying.'

Medics at St James's Hospital, in Leeds, told her she might even have to shave her head to stop the painful reaction to the hair dye.

She said: 'I was horrified. I'm not vain, but for any woman being told you need  to cut your hair off is terrifying.

'Luckily, they gave me antibiotics and steroids instead. They've helped, but I'm still in a lot of pain.'

She said she had used hair dye before, but had never experienced an allergic reaction.

She said: 'I hadn't dyed my hair for about three years before this happened,  but I know what I'm doing when it comes to hair dye, and I always make sure to  do the skin test.  

'I've used L'Oreal in the past, so I don't know why this happened.

'I can't believe something so simple as dying my hair can cause so much pain  and make me look like this. I feel awful.'

A L'Oreal spokeswoman said: 'L'Oreal is totally committed to ensuring that our products are safe and that our customers can use them with absolute confidence.

'We were very sorry to hear of Ms Bulmer's recent experience and encourage her to call us so that we can offer her our support.

'Allergies to hair colourants are extremely rare but can occur for a very small number of people.

'It is vital to carry out a skin allergy test 48 hours before  using the colourant each and every time, following the instructions exactly,  which are clearly displayed on our packaging.'

L'Oreal added that any customers with concerns can visit for advice and information.

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