Might the taxman make an inquiry into Belle de Jour's extra-curricular earnings?

Dr Brooke Magnanti

Revealed: Dr Brooke Magnanti has admitted herself to be the high class call girl Belle de Jour

Former call girl Belle de Jour - revealed to be research scientist Dr Brooke Magnanti - is supported by her present employers, the Bristol Institute for Research of Child Health.

Its spokesman comments piously: 'This aspect of her past has nothing to do with her present work.'

Quite so, but might Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs make an inquiry into naughty Belle's extra-curricular earnings?

Channel 4 is showing a real movie curiosity on Friday, albeit at 1:05am: The Children's Hour (1961), which stars Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine as allegedly lesbian teachers.

After producer Sam Goldwyn bought the film rights to the 1934 Lillian Hellman play, a friend said, 'Sam, you can't film this - it's about lesbians !'

The mogul replied: 'So? We'll make them Bulgarians!'

The Queen's strained relationship during the 1980s with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is the subject of a new Channel 4 production.

Annoyed by Mrs T's refusal to apply anti-apartheid sanctions against South Africa, the Queen (played by Susan Jameson) remarked: 'I always think it must be a comfort to the public that the monarch is always there though politicians come and go!'

To which Thatcher (played by Lesley Manville) replies: 'It must be a comfort to the public that, unlike several Commonwealth countries, they can elect their head of government...'

Susan Jameson plays the Queen in the new Channel 4 production

Regal role: Susan Jameson plays the Queen in the new Channel 4 production

Tony Blair's EU presidency ambitions are now supported by Ireland. Did his becoming a Roman Catholic help?

Blair has obtained Irish passports for his children, presumably to shelter them from the obloquy now attached to his name in some foreign capitals.

Man o' the people and Respect MP George Galloway, 55, is giving up Havana cigars after 40 years.

Thrice-married George, who has a daughter, Lucy, 26, by his first marriage and two-year-old son Zein by his third, seeks a more healthy lifestyle.

His cigar-smoking began, he says, 'as a waiter in the Angus Hotel (now defunct) in Dundee, nicking cigar stubs off the ashtrays of the plutocrats..'

Following a takeover by U.S. bank JP Morgan, the Queen's stockbrokers, Cazenove, will share £650million among 80 former partners, mainly posh society types.

Always described as 'blue-blooded,' the firm has maintained a fusty old-school image throughout its 180-year history.

A prospective employee of my acquaintance, arriving for an interview in slip-on shoes, was informed frostily: 'At Cazenove, we prefer lace-ups.'

In A forthcoming Radio 4 documentary about politicians as writers - Politicians Between The Covers - John Major is said to have tried and failed to pen a novel while his ex-fancy woman, Edwina Currie, admits using racy details from their fling in her bestseller, A Parliamentary Affair.

Why didn't Major do the same? Because he's a gentleman! When they bathed together he always sat at the taps end of the bath.

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