Mark's Angels: The three glamorous women hired by millionaire financier 'to lure in investors'

These are the women hired by a millionaire financier to create his own team of Charlie’s Angels - or at least that’s what one of the trio alleges.

Pictured together for the first time are Jordan Wimmer, 29, Katrin Bulach, 34, and Carol Teng, 30.

Miss Wimmer - the blonde - claims her boss Mark Lowe, 59, was ‘hell-bent’ on putting together three female assistants that recalled the stars of the Hollywood film. 

She says she and her two female colleagues were 'sales lures' at his firm Nomos Capital to get wealthy investors to part with millions. 

Miss Wimmer, who earned £577,000 a year, is suing Mr Lowe for £4million, claiming sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and constructive dismissal.

She told an employment tribunal that she had a mental breakdown and had to be treated for depression after being bombarded by sexist jokes and banter.

Katrin Bulach

'The Brunette': Katrin Bulach

She has also alleged at earlier hearings that Mr Lowe brought high-class prostitutes to business meeting and made her accompany him to lap dancing clubs.

Mr Lowe denies the allegations.

In legal papers submitted to the Central London Employment Tribunal Miss Wimmer says: ‘He was proud of the fact that he had a team of females whom he could pigeon-hole as his “Angels” and would often introduce us as such, in person in front of hedge fund managers and investors.

‘At the time the modern Charlie’s Angels (film) had been released.

'I hated Mark making these comments. It was a continuing concern of mine how this affected our reputation as workers in the industry.’

Miss Wimmer, a Canadian living in Chelsea, described how her boss hired Miss Teng, 30, after a chance meeting in Zurich airport in 2005 - approaching her with the line: ‘I’ll buy you dinner anywhere in the world.’

She said after her boss hired Miss Teng ‘it made me question whether I had been hired on my abilities or my looks’.

Jordan Wimmer
Mark Lowe

Jordan Wimmer - the 'blonde Angel; - claims her boss Mark Lowe was ‘hell-bent’ on putting together three assistants that recalled the stars of Charlie's Angels

And in 2006 Mr Lowe hired Katrin Bulach, 34 – allegedly the third ‘Angel’ at his firm.

Miss Wimmer said: ‘Katrin was brunette and I had the impression that Mark was hell bent on recruiting a brunette so that he could have the “Charlie's Angels” or “Mark’s Angels” which he spoke about frequently.’

Mr Lowe has called the allegations against him ‘outrageous’, although he accepted that hiring attractive women made ‘good commercial sense’ because men would be more likely to return their calls.

But the Oxford-educated financier told the tribunal he had ‘never heard’ of Charlie’s Angel’s and no intention of replicating the team of pretty private detectives at his Mayfair offices.

Charlie’s Angels, released in 2000 and based on the 1970s TV series, starred Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore. A follow-up, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, appeared in 2003.

Mr Lowe claims all the jokes were ‘ironic’, that Miss Wimmer was always treated in a ‘gentlemanly way’, that he never slept with escorts, and that any young women he brought to events were girlfriends. 

Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz

'Inspiration': Actresses Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz promote the 2003 sequel Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

The tribunal also heard Mr Lowe’s barrister Elizabeth Melville allege that Dr Mike McPhillips, who treated Miss Wimmer at the Causeway Retreat - a £10,000 a week private clinic - had changed his diagnosis to improve her case at the tribunal.

Miss Melville said Dr McPhillips changed his assessment of the amount of time it would take Miss Wimmer to recover from six months to two years.

She added: ‘You’ve done this in order to assist the claimant’s case.’

Dr McPhillips said: ‘I know the patient better and I have had the opportunity to witness the effect these proceedings have had on her.’

The case continues.

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