Our man in Yemen back in the UK after American mistress gives birth on NHS

Strolling the streets of Yemen with one's mistress and lovechild would be less than diplomatic. 

But Tim Torlot is on safer ground at the moment. 

The British ambassador to the Arab republic is back in London to be with Jennifer Steil, who gave birth to their daughter last weekend.


Bleary-eyed: Tim Torlot and Jennifer Steil with their baby

Mr Torlot dumped his wife of 23 years for Miss Steil, 41, who he met weeks after his posting to Yemen, where adultery is punishable with death by stoning.

Heartbroken Bridie Torlot, 51, has since returned to the family home in West Sussex.
Mr Torlot, 52, looked tired and glum during his walk on Monday outside the £400,000 terraced house in Hackney, East London, where he and his new family are staying.

Bridie Torlot

The spurned wife: Bridie Torlot

In a red anorak, jeans and trainers, he wiped the rain from his glasses.

Miss Steil, an American journalist and former associate editor at Playgirl Magazine, wore a blue fleece and a black skirt for her stroll, wearily pushing her baby in a buggy.

Back in June, staff at the British Embassy in Yemen's ancient capital Sana'a were stunned when Mr Torlot announced his mistress was pregnant.

One source in Yemen said there was a 'complete sense of outrage' over his lack of honour towards his wife, the mother of his 19-year-old daughter. 

Embassy staff in the war-torn Muslim country are currently on high security alert against possible terrorist attacks. 

Families with young children were evacuated earlier this year, so it is unclear when Miss Steil and the baby will return.

Mr Torlot is due to return shortly. In the meantime, Miss Steil has been writing a no-holds-barred memoir about her time in Yemen. 

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