Piers Morgan's scores home goal as Thierry Henry comment leads to Irish heritage claim

TV celebrity Piers Morgan says he has been inundated with critical emails after describing himself as Irish while commenting on Thierry Henry handling the ball during the France-Ireland World Cup play-off. He tells me: 'My father was Vincent Eamonn O'Mara from County Offaly.

When I was a lad the goals were only this big

When I was a lad the goals were only this big

He died when I was only one and my mother remarried (Welshman) Glynne Pughe-Morgan and I took his name. My mother (Gabrielle) was one of the Irish clan of Cantophers.

Surely anyone aware of my drinking habits would know I'm Irish!' 

Actor Brad Pitt, pictured, is often teased because of his fame, good looks and gorgeous wife, actress Angelina Jolie - but he has a good heart.

His Make It Right foundation is building 150 energy-efficient, storm-resistant houses for the poor in New Orleans's 9th Ward, which was flattened by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Perhaps mega-rich Northern crooner Sting could offer to rebuild a few properties in the wake of the Cumbrian floods?

Former Liberal leader David Steel talked on Radio 4's Any Questions? about the proposed body to deal with MPs' expenses, saying: 'I was actually approached by a headhunter to serve on this quango and I said "No thank you", because I think it's wrong.

I think there is a danger in having a quango that has nothing to do with Parliament actually controlling Parliament.' Shouldn't we have an inquiry into the £3,000-a-day headhunters picking quango members?

Movie star George Clooney, pictured, is sensitive about not being married at 48, although he's often seen with beautiful women.

He says in an interview: 'I am well aware that there are things about my life that some other people will see as shortcomings, and I am unapologetic about them.

I'm just living my life. I don't go around to married people and say, "Huh! Marriage!" I have a nice life.

I have great friends and a great family, and that's nice.' Quite so. So, no more talk about George not being married, please!

Radio 2's Sarah Kennedy signed off her early morning show with a musical dedication to victims of the flooding, saying: 'We thought for everyone in Cumbria, we will give you Susan Boyle's Cry Me A River.' How tactful! But at least it wasn't Singin' In The Rain.

SNAPPERS Annie Leibovitz and Harry Benson came over from New York to be made Fellows of The Royal Photographic Society.

Leibovitz of Vanity Fair may be more fashionable, but Glaswegian Benson is the real deal.

He has photographed The Beatles, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy's assassination, and all 11 presidents since Eisenhower, including Obama. Harry and Annie are friendly rivals.

A guest at the awards ceremony tells me: 'They shook each other warmly by the throat.'

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