Green Queen: Ease your New Year hangover with a roll on headache cure


Besides drinking lots of water, another natural way to ease that New Year's Day headache is the pocket-sized Migrastick Roll On. The premise is simple yet effective - the cooling sensation of blended peppermint and lavender oils help to alleviate a sore head.

£4.26 from Victoria Health on 0800 3898 195


Head on: The Migrastick roll-on is a great natural solution for those New Year headaches; Ecover's all-purpose cleaner is powerful despite its eco-credentials


I bet a little extra elbow grease wouldn't go amiss with all the added cleaning over the festivities. Ecover's Multi Surface Spray Cleaner is a powerful product that will leave your worktops gleaming. Only sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients are used, not a petro-chemical in sight.

£2.84 for 500ml, available from supermarkets nationwide


Helping hand: Try Aroma Therapeutics Sleep Enhancer on your pillow


If you'd rather sleep through New Year's Eve, take a helping hand from a little spritz of Aroma Therapeutics Sleep Enhancer on your pillow. Containing essential oils of petitgrain, ylang-ylang and lavender, this nifty spray will lull you into a deep sleep.

Priced from £5.95, call 01202 331674 for stockists


Using a compostable bin liner to clear up the festive mess is not only the best green option, but it also helps to keep bins cleaner and reduce odours.

Wenterra Compostable Bin Liners come in various sizes - from pedal bin to garden sack - and are made from starchbased renewable resources.

The Green Warehouse 02920 794 888, £6.75

Bin Liner

Out with the old: Using a compostable bin liner is not only green, but helps to keep bins cleaner and give off less odour

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